April 25, 2014

Cool Stuff I Like

Happy friday my friends! Did you see the amazing work of Kate T. Parker yesterday on the blog, along with her message "strong is the new pretty"?? Speaking of photos, you might have noticed I didn't run a Project 52 post this week -- I had a photo, but I also have another that is similar in tone/theme/setting, so I'm going to run them both together next week. I'm sitting here right now as I type looking at some serious black rain clouds; it's been stormy this week. I obsessively check out a local weather site, and it's been telling me that we're supposed to have a hotter, dryer summer this year in our area. I'll believe that when I see it......

Strawberry Jam Muffins.

Wrapping inspiration.

Beautiful website full of beautiful things! it's like a magazine filled with pretty after pretty.

Yoga at the kitchen sink.

Star Wars for babies!

Kitchen goods to buy at Ikea.

Spring Cleaning Ideas.

Birth photography would be a wild thing to get into......

Celebrate your inner crone!! I adore this. (Andrew says I'm already ahead of the curve on this one, ha ha ha.....)

Kusmi Tea is on this Mother's Day List! I approve. Now about that mixer that costs 4k......

Cool Book of the Week: 'The Mermaid and the Shoe' by K.G. Campbell is brand new as of this April and can I just say, WOW, this stopped me in my tracks....I have got to get this one in my hands! Apparently King Neptune has 50 little mermaid daughters, and 49 of them are incredibly talented and skilled at everything under the sun. And then there's Minnow, who is on a quest to discover her own unique trait. Doesn't it look amazing? Campbell is an incredible illustrator; you can also see his work in 'Flora & Ulysses'

Have a lovely weekend! Are you still coming down from the Easter sugar rush? It's back to the garden we go. (we got all the weeds pulled! now it's composting and preparing the soil time. woooooo! wooooo?)



  1. As you wish for warmer days I am glad here with a bit of cold weather - our spring and summer were insanely hot and uncomfortable. :S

    I hope you guys had a wonderful Eater, Melissa!


    1. hello darling Patricia! we had a lovely Easter, I hope you did as well! i'm sure i'll be eating my words come August and we're sweltering.....just the other day Andrew looked at me and said, 'i kinda miss autumn!' if he had his way, it would be autumn all year long...not a bad idea actually :) xo

  2. Oooooooooooooo I need that double boiler insert and those muffins!

    1. so funny, my husband was looking through our pots the other day and was like, what's this?? and I told him it was a double boiler insert. He informed me that he had never seen me use it once! i think i have used it....maybe once. hee hee. (i'm a rebel and melt my chocolate and stuff in the microwave, and hope that i don't scorch it!)

      i need to make more custards and puddings and pastry cream type desserts for Julia b/c she just got braces...so now i'm inspired to pull the double boiler out!

  3. I am so excited that our library has this book on order! I've reserved it. It just needs to come in now... Those muffins look like such a treat. I love sweetly and creatively wrapped packages, too.

    Happy, happy weekend!

    1. i gotta see if mine has it!!!! it just looks so darling. those muffins remind me of some marmalade muffins that I wrote about last year -- only I think Julia would like strawberry or cherry jam better! totally gonna make.

      Happy wkend to you!!!!!!!!! Hope your sore throat heals up SOON. :)