May 2, 2014

Cool Stuff I Like

THE WEATHER. We've just had two days of summer-in-spring. Highs in the mid 80's!! The kids in our neighborhood went insane. Bathing suits, was amazing. It all ends today supposedly. But this was a serious dose of heat that we don't usually have this early in the year. And with school getting out in weeks now, instead of months.....I feel like summer's already here. I'm not ready! I'm still in spring mode. I want lilacs....

How to get in to the photos with your kids! ~ something to think about with Mother's Day coming soon...

And a lovely Mother's Day gift list.

Omigolly this bedding would be so cute in a toddler room. Love the sun pillow!

Pretty sure Andrew needs this book. 

10 Beautiful Small Backyards.

Fun lunch stuff! (you know I love me my bento boxes......)

Pizza Pasta. 

Fiesta Flowers for Cinco de Mayo.

 Love her! Everything Susan Branch touches is so delightful and charming and filled with joy.

A long read. And it will (should) scare the pants off of you.

WOW this book looks amazing!

Cool Book of the Week: '12 Minutes to Midnight' by Christopher Edge. This mystery book, (the first of a series) set in Victorian England and featuring a 13 year old orphan heiress, is billed as middle grade fare for ages 8-12 but can I fast can I get a copy because I want to read it! The heroine, Penelope, writing under a pen name and creating content for a magazine called Penny Dreadful, is about to find her next big story at London's Bedlam insane asylum......

There's a show called 'Penny Dreadful' coming soon to Showtime (darn no cable!!) that I really want to see ~ it's going to be a horror show for adults, featuring iconic monsters like Dorian Grey and Dracula in Victorian England. When that show hits Netflix, I'll be first in line!

Have a lovely weekend! Going to find me some lilacs.



  1. Penny dreadful was shot in Dublin! - I hope you see it (and like it!) And I know, that Maps book looks like a beauty. I saw in it our library but it was one of those not-take-home ones, annoyingly.

  2. The fiesta flowers! Love those! And that bedding. And the map book. Dancing With Cats makes me laugh, and those backyards make me jealous. Showtime is usually pretty nice about letting their stuff be streamed. Thank goodness, because Penny Dreadful sounds like something I'd actually watch! Have a beautiful weekend!

  3. How great is that pillow?!

    I'm SO ready for pool weather.

    Awwwwwwwwwwww that post about mother daughter selfies? LOVE it. I need to do that more. She's right. "This is for them."

    Gorgeous yards.

  4. The bedding is truly gorgeous. I so need to make a trip to IKEA! And I want that Maps book. So cool! Did you say pizza AND pasta? That's the two most favorite food of every kid (and adult) I know :) Have a great weekend!