May 16, 2014

Cool Stuff I Like

Sorry for the light blogging week! To make up, here's a bit o' pretty purple for your Friday, my lovelies. Aren't these pretty? We took a stroll, or a wee JAUNT, if you will, through the Japanese Garden in Seattle last weekend. I'll show you more pix next week. And in other highly compelling news, we are now on Week 2 of Sally & Rosebud's All Day-Every Day Great and Exciting Bird Watch. They are losing their minds. I honestly don't how these cats can take any more of this. They chatter. They fling themselves at the window. (i foresee one of them going OUT through the screen...) They don't even bite my hair asking for their dinner, like they usually do, so enthralled are they by the magical bird window. Speaking of cats, you all saw THIS right????? That cat is a superhero.

So here's what I saw this week, that you should also see:

Baking, A Love Story now has an Etsy shop!

Mother's day is over, but I just saw this a few days ago, from a pal on Facebook.

Loved this post! 

A girly glamping nursery. (do you know about my glamping obsession??)

Homemade chocolate fudge poptarts. 

Well I missed Ukulele Day, but here are a few for you to look at.....

Beautiful post, amazing looking book.

LOVE these star charts! I've been wanting something like this for ages.

This blog is a new Happy Place for me.....

New for summer at Magic Cabin.

Cool Book of the Week: So I have some new friends at the University Bookstore in Seattle, and can I say, wowza, they have a parade of author events at that store! One big name after another. Readings, book signings, and general book & author hangout awesomeness. On Friday May 23 at 7pm, some heavy hitters in the YA field (Kevin Emerson! Kiera Cass!) are going to be at the Seattle store reading excerpts from their books and signing copies.

I scored a copy of Kevin's newest book, 'Exile', which covers the romance between a young band manager and her lead singer. (This sounds like a show on the CW that I would totally watch.) I've not read Emerson's material before, but when someone puts a new YA book in my hand that's been touted as being as cool as the much-lauded 'Eleanor & Park', do you say no? YOU DO NOT. #YAfiction4ever!

Have a lovely weekend! My neighbor let me cut some of her lilacs. Spring happiness achieved.



  1. I am so jealous of your lilacs - ours are still nowhere near to blooming.

    The story of your bird-watching cats makes me laugh, because I can picture it. Cats are crazy-cool.

    1. i really do love my cats! even though one of them eats my clothes and is trying to steal my husband...:)

  2. That was the best cat video on the internet. Holy cow. And oh my goodness, thanks for the love!

    1. you are welcome, welcome, welcome! and can you believe that CAT? like a rocket!! amazingly awesome.

  3. Tara the Hero! That video has been very popular in our house. We were deciding which of our cats would be most likely to save someone. Jenny, we think, although she's too old and fat to be very fast. Junkaholique looks fabulous! I'll definitely spend some time checking it out. Thanks for the link love. Magic Cabin has some wonderful stuff! I loved that post of Amelie's, and the girly glamping nursery stuff is so cute. I have a little stack of YA books to get through soon, although I need to read Gone Girl and get it back to the library first. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. we've been pondering on this issue as well, and are not at all convinced that Sally or Rosebud would do a darn thing.

      I need to read Gone Girl!!

  4. Tara is really a hero but I heard most cats are very very loving, caring and protective of their loved ones. I don't own a cat but I totally was in awe of that brave little cat defending the boy from the meanie doggie. We found 3 kittens near home. Their mom was killed by a dog and the kittens were all by themselves. My sister-in-law who already has 2 cats, took them in and is trying to find them a home. We don't have the heart to bring them to the animal shelter because after a week, they will kill them. Oh they are so tiny T_T

    You find the most amazing websites. Seriously, I think I'll be spending some of my weekend reading the junkaholique blog!

    Have a fantastic weekend Melissa!

    1. ooh I hope the kittens find a good home!!! doesn't that blog look so cool? i love reading about people who live in places far far away...:)

      XOXO to you!


  5. I did see that. Greatest cat on the planet. Can someone give him or her an award please?!

    Oh my. I love that post about her mother picking her up and instincts. *sniffles*

    I want a glamping room!

    1. it is one of my big life dreams to have a trailer of some kind that is all cool, and go on my great American road trip, eating pie across the country...:)