May 30, 2014

Cool Stuff I Like

Happy Friday! Did you all have a chance to read my 4th Annual Summer Reading List, with bonus reviews from Andrew? It was an epic read, you really don't want to miss the Extremely High Level of Snark that was operating in that post. Oh that Andrew. He's a funny bean. Can you believe the peonies in my photo up above? They're from my mom's house. I'll show you more of her roses and peonies next week. Peonies are my favorite favorite flowers, closely followed by gardenias. And then orchids. Did you know gardenias grow like weeds in Hawaii, practically? I miss gardenias! (good grief. sometimes when i re-read my writing, i can't believe what an overstimulated toddler i sound like.....)

Many cool and summery things out there online this week:

Books for kids who love Harry Potter....

I KNEW if I waited long enough, smock type dresses would become a thing. Love these Smokks! Saving my pennies!

The perfect summer time cake.

Amy Poehler has a book coming.....

Now's the time to be checking out my Summer Pinterest board!

A craft book all about washi tape.

An under-the-sea party.

Best dancing baby EVER.

A S'mores latte. (i would leave out the coffee part because I don't drink coffee. but the rest of it sounds delightful.)

How to make your grilled cheese sandwich even cheesier.

Cool Book of the Week: I'm SO SORRY to be such a tease, because it won't be published until 2015, but LAUREN CHILD has a NEW PICTUREBOOK, 'The New Small Person', coming out and I will be first in line. Oh how I looooooove Lauren Child's work above all others. The Charlie & Lola books.....we read them over and over and over when Julia was a preschooler and Lauren Child really and truly is My Favorite and My Best.

DARLING right? All about an only child having to adapt to a new sibling. The sibling ("it") wants to 'huggle'!!!! How cute is that??? I am officially freaking out.

Have a lovely weekend! It will be June! Half the year gone. And if that's not a splash of cold water on the face, I don't know what is.....



  1. Omigosh, those babies are a hoot! That cake looks delicious. I love the little girl Smokks dresses. (I, on the other hand, need a waistline. Big boob problems.) Very nice summer pinterest board. Love washi tape crafting! And... so excited for new Lauren Child! Do check out Maude, The Not-So-Noticeable Shrimpton, if you haven't done so yet. Child wrote it, but she let a new illustrator do the art. It's pretty fabulous! Happy Weekend!

    1. I have not read that Maude book yet! I will attempt to remedy this asap. I swear to you, I don't care if I look like a shapeless of those smokk dresses will be mine someday....and Andrew will sigh and shake his head and probably also laugh. :)

      HOW does a baby dance like that, HOW?? so awesome.

      Happy wkend sweet friend!

  2. I love Lauren Child! That book looks great! And I'm new to washi tape, but already a big fan. My grandmother used to smock me dresses by hand when I was little. It was incredible, I think I have some around still, I should find them and make my daughter try them on- because she's so agreeable these days to me making her do something.

    1. washi tape is pretty magical. and......ha ha ha ha!!!!

  3. What a sweet book! I love the art.

    I can't pull off a smock, but my slender girl can. I'll be on the lookout for one. Thanks for putting it on my radar.

    I dream of having a giant wall of washi tapes. A collection to revile my spice and essential oil collections.

    I want that party! And that sushi.

    You're right. That is the BEST dancing baby video ever.

    1. me too! i totally dream about rows and rows of washi tape!!!!

  4. The grilled cheese secret: DAMN! (Sorry, I know this is a family blog.)

    1. go ahead and swear! I'm totally on board!! :) and why did this grilled cheese idea never even cross my mind??? I've also just recently heard about smearing the bread with mayo instead of butter.....