May 9, 2014

Cool Stuff I Like

All day. Every day. This ENTIRE WEEK, our cats have sat in front of our front window, hour after hour, watching some birds build a nest right outside the window. They wait and wait and wait, for a glimpse of bird. Our orange cat, Rosebud, is particularly enthralled. She usually sleeps under a bed all day, but she's been awake, watching the window 24/7, since these birds have been around. It's THE GREATEST CAT SHOW ON EARTH. Andrew and I can't get over it. They sit there for HOURS.

In another news, I JOINED TWITTER, and it's the greatest thing ever! You know how I show cool stuff on Fridays? On Twitter I can do it all week long! I loooooove it. I'm surprised by how much I love it. I can post news there that I can't here or on Facebook. (FB likes to play hide and seek with posts...)

Children's rooms in England.

Have you heard of this????

25 Great Comic Novels. (as in funny)

Vanilla Pudding Pops.

ARE YOU KIDDING MEEEEEEEEEEE? 'Death Comes to Pemberley' comes to Masterpiece this Fall!!!! (and do I spy Winona Ryder in another show???)

Kid vegetarian tips for the whole family.

This new cookbook looks awesome.

Thanks to my pal Helen for cluing me into Very British Problems. 

Hello pretty cabins!

Why yes, I actually do want to read about a Vogue editor's home life. I'm not joking! It's a fantasy, fancy mom blog! And now I'll go back to vacuuming cat litter.

BAM. This video will make your whole day feel delightful.

Cool Book of the Week: 'The Forest Feast' by Erin Gleeson is brand new this month, and one of the most jaw droppingly beautiful cookbooks I have ever seen. Ever. I flipped through it the other day, and oh my lovely, someday you will be mine! I've seen Erin's blog from time to time, and have always been so impressed. Erin up and moved to a cabin in the woods of Northern California. And decided to make and eat beauty, apparently. The recipes are vegetarian and each page...I wanted to eat EVERYTHING. This would make the BEST present for someone! It's that pretty, and the recipes are that unique and amazing looking.

Have a lovely weekend! We'll be dodging raindrops. It's supposed to rain-and-rain. And to all you Mamas, YAY YOU!! Happy Mother's Day!



  1. Welcome to Twitter! I'll follow you in a second. Who knew Sally and Rosebud could be so focused and showing interest in something so simple! Well at least they are busy watching the birds so they won't eat your clothes or scratch the sofa chair! Oh those children's rooms in England are so pretty! Makes me wish I had an English cottage to furnish. Have a great weekend Melissa!

    1. Oh i know. I'm convinced that happiness equals an English country cottage!!!! Happy early Mama Day to you! xoxo

  2. Those kids' rooms remind me of the nursery in Mary Poppins. Love. I see several comic novels I always meant to read. I so want The Forest Feast. Love the DALS veggie dinner ideas. Of course, in our house, I'm the odd veggie out, but this is great for meals when everyone's home and Mr. B and I split the cooking duties.

    Oh, Twitter still weirds me out! Why, I don't know...

    1. totally!!! those rooms they really do!! I really thought of you as I flipped through that cookbook.....

      I resisted Twitter in the biggest way. Thought it was pointless....(well....), but I like the small snippets of info :)

  3. That book is beautiful! I love it! I go back and forth with Twitter- it's like short-attention-span Facebook. I have to be in the mood- and have a free afternoon for it.

    1. YES, that's just what it is, which is why I think I'm so well suited for it, ha ha ha! #tiniestattentionspanEVER!

  4. I was literally just adding that cookbook to my wish list. :)

    YAY Twitter! I'm so excited. I love you on there already.

    I heard about Death Comes to Pemberley recently. I'm SO excited.

    I want all those cabins.

    1. very torn. do I long for a cool modern, scandi style cabin, or an english country cottage?? WHAT A PUZZLE! and yay, so happy to be able to chat with my blog pals everywhere all the time!!! I have nothing but tiny, random thoughts, so it's really super perfect for me.....