May 1, 2014

What Andrew Is Reading Right Now

So I had this idea that I would do a post about what all three of us in the family were reading right now. I took pix of my book, Julia's current book, and Andrew's book. And then I tried to find out a little something ditty-bob-a-doodle about Andrew's book, 'Pnin' by Vladimir Nabokov and well, it turned into a post of its own.....

Hey Andrew, what's this book about? "I don't know."  

Really? "Well, it's about this guy who moves here from Russia and he's a college professor but he's kind of a loser, and his ex-wife had a kid with some other dude and is somehow hitting up the professor to pay child support. But it's good! It's like, humorous. And well written."

So he moves here from Russia? "Yeah. He has troubles fitting in and stuff." 

That's it? "Yeah, I just told you what it's basically about, this dorky guy who works at some small East Coast college (Ooh! I like it already!) and having a hard time."

That sounds great.

(insert sarcastic inflection) 

(although now I want to read it for real)

"Actually you just missed out, because last week I finished my 3 part series about this space adventure thing by Leigh Brackett. She co-wrote the original screenplays of  'The Empire Strikes Back' and 'The Big Sleep' with Humphrey Bogart."

"She wrote a ton of space adventure romance stories."  

I AM TOTALLY LAUGHING AT YOU. You're reading romance! HA HA HA! "Oh hon. Do you even know what the traditional literary meaning of romance is?"

 YEAH. KISSING AND STUFF! (I was an English lit major, I'm just messing with him.)

"I feel sorry for you."

 At which point he SNAPS HIS FINGERS AT ME. And saunters off in search of his cat wife.


  1. I hope Sally was more understanding :D I don't think I have read Nabokov yet.

    1. ha ha ha!! I haven't read any either. Andrew's always telling me to raise my head away from all the YA fiction I read.....:) (nothing wrong with YA fiction!!)

  2. Hahaha! I love this post. It also reminded me how I was supposed to read that book for a lit class in college, but never did. I still got an A in the class, proving that university standards were already slipping nearly 20 years ago.

    And having typed that last sentence, I feel incredibly old...

    1. darling D ~ however old you are feeling...just remember I'm older. shall we start an elderly ladies' club of some sort? oh wait i guess we already did with our blogs......;)

    2. The Elderly Ladies Obsessed With Kid Crap Sewing Circle. Except we don't sew...