June 13, 2014

Cool Stuff I Like

Happy Friday! We had a really nice breakfast last weekend ~ super amazing strawberries that Andrew's mom brought over, plus boiled eggs (Julia took a pass) and chocolate croissants. Have you ever had the ones from Trader Joe's? They are GREAT. Don't look at the nutritional information on the back, just don't. Just eat the croissant. Last weekend was a good one, we made it to see 'Maleficent' which was utterly fantastic, Julia declared it "AS GOOD, maybe BETTER, than 'Frozen'", can you believe it? We both loved it. Heaps of praise for that one!

Got a very summery list for you this week.....

Darling Moon posters.

12 Summertime ideas.

How to give your kids a 1970's summer.

One more ode to laidback summers.

Fascinating take on 'The Goldfinch'! The article mentions a critic who said,“Its tone, language, and story belong in children’s literature,” ~ which is exactly why it appealed to me so much!

Oh my goodness. This post, it's like reading from the most wonderful book.

CB2 has some seriously awesome pillows right now.

Banana bread skillet cake. 

Just got these BUNNY & KITTEN leggings for Julia. We squealed when we saw it.

Kids making dinner!!!! Woo! That is TOTALLY happening in our house someday!

Everything about this post about strawberry watermelon yogurt popsicles is beautiful.

Cool Book of the Week: 'When Elephant Met Giraffe' by Paul Gude came very strongly endorsed by my friend Julia (I grew up with her in Hawaii!). She thought this story about two friends with differing personalities who learn to get along would be something I'd like to know about, and she was right, how cute does this look? Apparently Elephant is chatty and Giraffe...not so much. (Sounds like me and my husband!) The friends make pretzels together. They play pirates. And they learn how to make their opposite communication styles work. There are three mini stories contained within the book, which will greatly appeal to preschool aged kids.

Have a lovely weekend! Is it only my kid who is actively and intensely SAD about the end of school this year? I kid you not, she'd rather stay in school! I don't recall being sad about summer vacation, I remember being thrilled about getting to read all day.....



  1. Strawberries, and eggs, and chocolate croissants sound awesome right now. (I should eat something!) I'm so glad you loved Maleficent, but I knew you would I love those moon posters! That banana bread skillet cake sounds so freaking good. Those leggings are so funny! Big Sis keeps trying to bake stuff on her own. Right now it drives me crazy, but someday, I'm sure I'll be more appreciative. Have a beautiful weekend, dear friend!

    1. Oh we just LOVED Maleficent, LOVED it! Julia likes to briefly help out at cooking some times, and pretend she is Chef Julia and running her own cooking show. I'm the 'assistant'. Happy early Father's Day to your fam and your hubby!!

  2. I want to have that breakfast! Love love love chocolate croissants! And I never say no to eggs. Many people I met have loved Maleficent. Did you see their dolls btw? Oh I have to show my boy how kids make dinner! Have a great weekend Melissa!

    1. No we haven't seen any dolls yet, Julia and I were wondering about that! Aren't chocolate croissants just.....seriously a perfect food? They truly are really one of the best treats in the history of the world.

  3. That summer list with watching TVLand is fabulous.

    I love the simple list too. That's what my list looks like. Lots of swimming, library, walking, and time outside.

    Sweet tights!!!

    1. Hopefully I can keep the girl entertained! But wait, wasn't that the point of those articles -- she gets to entertain herself, ha ha ha! We have a fair amount of neighbor kids, so we should be alright. ;)

      Aren't those leggings hilarious???

  4. I want each and every one of those moon posters. every one.