June 27, 2014

Cool Stuff I Like

Happy Friday!! Check out my eggs that I got from the farmers market!! Aren't they so pretty?? Why is the greenish one greenish, I wonder? My skeptical daughter and husband did not believe me when I said eggs from the farmers market taste richer and more naturally buttery and just all around BETTER. They did not believe.......until they tried. I made them the most creamy and wonderful scrambled eggs and my egg hating little girl ate her entire portion.  I am going to be buying my eggs from this vendor at the farmers market all summer, I tell you. Eggs are pretty much my favorite food, did you know? I eat one nearly every day. I wonder how my cholesterol level are doing. I made more scrambled eggs just for me the other day and piled it onto toast. Delicious. And when I cracked them open, the yolks were all orangey. I'm not sure I want to go back to regular eggs.....

Here are my scintillating internet finds this week!

Did you know that Professor Snape has an Instagram account???

Picnic chicken.

Such a great idea to do around your child's birthday time.

Peanut butter and chocolate energy bars. 

My friend Lauren has a lovely blog all about fun British stuff, great food, and good books! What more does one need?

SO pretty I can't stand it! Off to Target to find these plates! (guess I need the cake to go with....)

Raising a grateful child. 

Just LOOK at these paper lanterns from Sweet Paul!!!!!

This game sounds super fun.

A whole lotta fairy related  awesome.

Cool Book of the Week: 'The Terrible Thing That Happened to Barnaby Brocket' by John Boyne and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers is a book that my cousin just recently RAVED about, and why have I not heard about this at all??? 1) It looks AMAZING, and just LOOK at the cover, ah Jeffers' art!!! and 2) it's about an 8 year old boy who is actually a floating boy untethered by the law of gravity. He has truly dreadful parents who insist on weighing him down in an attempt to 'normalize' him, (and who then decide to 'lose' him by snipping off his weights) ~ thus enabling Barnaby to travel all over the world, having adventures. I'm going to find a copy for Julia asap!

Have a lovely weekend! What plans have you? We're off to find Julia a new bicycle; her old one has been with us since she was 4 and uh, she basically outgrew it last season, we're way way overdue in getting her a new bigger sized bike. Andrew says she resembles a tiny little circus clown on a miniaturized bike.



  1. Gah! Those paper lanterns are the coolest! Love love love the fairy stuff at Magic Cabin. I am on such a tight, tight budget right now. For example, Target did not have the gorgeous Poppytalk line in their party aisle a couple weeks ago, but they did have the Oh Joy line, which is also quite pretty. However, for one time use disposable partyware, I had to get the budget cheap stuff instead. The Poppytalk stuff is gorgeous, though. And since this party is a just-because thing, and not for a birthday or any other real reason, the girls had better be grateful! (Ha! See, I tied that in with that post... um... yeah) I haven't seen that book yet, either, and we love Oliver Jeffers! Another one to look for once we thin down our library pile. I will be spending the rest of the day cleaning house between coughs. My favorite thing, not really. Have a beautiful weekend! I wish you could be here tomorrow.

    1. Oh, and those eggs look gorgeous and delicious.

    2. oh my goodness is your party tomorrow?? Have a WONDERFUL time!! take loads of pix!!! I have a cough too right now. I don't know if my Target even has the Poppytalk stuff, I like to imagine all this neat stuff I'll get my mitts on but usually it just stays in my imagination :)

  2. Oh my God I had this lengthy (and terribly witty, of course) comment all typed out and I think blogger ate it.

    You are an absolute darling for linking to my blog and I think it's curing my cold as we speak. Basking in attention has that affect on me.

    1. you're so welcome!!!!! boo on summer colds! sorry blogger was being carnivorous :(

  3. I am reading this post at 11pm and I am absolutely craving for scrambled eggs on toast. Darn it! I have to remember to read your blog on a full stomach or a well-stocked kitchen! Oh Target has the loveliest things! I just went today and bought a bunch of items I am sure I don't need but who can resist the PRETTY???

    1. ha ha ha! goodness I love Target. Forget Disneyland, Target is really the happiest place on earth. :)

  4. Those plates ARE pretty sweet. Did you ever find them?