July 18, 2014

Cool Stuff I Like

Happy Friday everybody! That amazing bowl is not mine, so don't ask me about it!!! I know, I want it too. And I forgot to ask the host of the bbq we attended from whence this beauty of a bowl came. Oh well. Let's admire it all together shall we? And those blueberries.....that's really the color! In fact I decreased the color saturation TWICE on this pic, and they were still that vividly hued. Or should I say, vividly blued? Ha ha ha. Apparently the bowl owner picked them fresh.

So happy to be back sharing things I found in internetland with you!

Did you all have a chance to enter 'The Doctor and Me ABC' giveaway?? You do not want to miss a chance at this adorable book!

Simple Summer Pastas.

Summer uniforms.

Just saw 'Shrek the Musical' on Netflix and it was amazing, I liked it better than the original movie!

Tiny little game sets from Djeco.

I need me some of this action right now, I'm covered in skeeter bites.

Blondies, yo.

REALLY have been hankering (yes, hankering) to read this book for awhile.

I had a major Blistex addiction for about two decades, and now I'm totally going to find this lip balm.

Sleepover Mad Libs. (Julia would LOVE)

Lately I've been especially loving The Black Apple site ~ it reminds me a treasure trunk of magic found in an old enchanting attic.....

Cool Book of the Week: And speaking of the Black Apple site, artist Emily Winfield Martin has a new picture book coming out this fall, and I'm sure it will be every bit as amazing as her other creations. 'Day Dreamers' details the fantastical reveries one can create when imagination is set free. Emily's books are pretty much the most gorgeous things you will ever lay eyes on! Keep-forever, give-as-gifts special.

Have a lovely weekend! I've been busy with photos! I've been doing family sessions, headshots, and I also did my first high school senior photo shoot, which was amazingly fun. And.......I was tapped to photograph a small wedding this fall ~ I'm very nervous and excited about that one. Also, after many moons, I finally have business cards ordered. Now I can be 'that-person' who hands out business cards you don't want! If you haven't already, come visit my photo work here and on Facebook.



  1. The Black Apple is one of my all-time favorite bloggy sites. I also loved her other blog, Some Girls Wander, but she seems to have retired it. I used to drool over her vintage clothing posts. :) I cannot wait to get this book when it comes out, and the Oddfellows Orphanage sequel, whenever it comes out.

    You MUST read Museum of Extraordinary Things!!!!! Big Sis is begging me to tie-dye some stuff. She has one t-shirt that she made at a birthday party, just after pre-K graduation. It was too big then, but it's perfect now, and since she is into "hippie stuff," she wears it A LOT. Some of those pastas look so perfect. Those mini games look so cute. We still haven't watched Shrek the Musical on Netflix. If I'd had the money, I would have taken the girls to the dinner theatre production here in town last month. I had friends who were in it, but whew, it's expensive. Off to KC we go! (Yes, I'm up late.) Have a beautiful weekend!

    1. Julia is way into hippie stuff too! She's reading a book that had a place called 'The Island of Happy Hippies' ha ha ha and she wanted to know ALL about them so of course I had to explain about Maui and it's population of surfer hippies. You are going to LOVE the Shrek musical! I seriously loved it. The music itself wasn't that memorable really, but it was all very well done and I loved the girl who played Fiona. Everyone did a great job, I thought and the costumes were fab and really clever.

      I will be first in line for an Oddfellows sequel...........!!!!!!! Loved that book so much!!!!

  2. The Black Apple is an incredible site. I really like her creativity and enchanting characters. I have been buying her books and I must say they never disappoint. This one will be on my TO BUY list for sure! I have posted a link to your giveaway on my blog! The pasta ideas will come in handy. I love chilled pasta too and it's so easy to make! The beautiful bowl in your photo looks really amazing! I finally have a dining room buffet/hutch so I can finally show my nice plates... except I have not nice plates and bowls! I need to go shopping LOL Have a great weekend Melissa!

    1. thank so much for sharing the giveaway!!!!!! I had this tendency to forget about the Black Apple site and then I would wander over and freak out over how awesome it is...now I have it linked in my sidebar so I won't forget about it anymore!!

  3. Your blueberry photo makes me smile. So pretty! :)

    1. oh thank you so much! i love this time of year when buckets of blueberries roll in by the tub at the grocery store :)

  4. I want those berries. Wow. So gorgeous.

    The musical? Huh! I'll have to try it. Thanks for the rec.

    I too need an Alice Hoffman book infusion come to think of it.