July 25, 2014

Cool Stuff I Like

Hello friends! How do you like my slightly disturbing looking monkey? Somehow my child convinced her grandma to purchase this delightful little paperweight, and now it sits in my kitchen. We had a very weird weather week, it was cold and rainy for three days. REALLY rainy, and on the 3rd day, I threw in the towel and put on socks. Julia asked Andrew to turn on Halloween music. A great many cups of hot chocolate were consumed. And while I did remind them constantly that it's still summer, I realized that it's officially becoming that time to order various back-to-school items.

Speaking of back to school, after realizing that the backpack J's had since kindergarten wasn't going to cut it anymore, I ordered a new bookpack for her. (she chose the black one with peace signs)

A stuffed animal tea party!

I'd like a wee kitchen nook.

And you MUST SEE this little book nook. (i swear, life is just funny this way, I wasn't looking for nooks. they just found me.)

A magic garden of crystals.

Aw, a baby memory box. Wish I had done this!

An amazing looking version of 'Snow White'.

How to raise kind kids. 

This recipe for slow cooker pork carnitas will happening in my kitchen asap.

Amazing dining room transformation! (and those 3 bay windows....oh the light! oh how I would photograph EVERYTHING there if I had that space!) 

Hoping you saw my Dancing Princess post yesterday, and here's more princess action + raising strong girls.

Cool Book of the Week: 'The Serial Garden: The Complete Armitage Family Stories' by Joan Aiken is a recent happy library find, that I'm reading....to myself. Written by the author of 'The Wolves of Willoughby Chase', this book is an oh-so-British collection of short tales about a family who live in a house where magical things just happen to happen....a lot. Especially on Tuesdays. Someone on Amazon commented "if you want to find out how to handle two druids fighting in your backyard over a bathmat woven of beard hair, you really should read The Serial Garden." Well, there's your endorsement right there. What's great about the stories is how quintessentially BRITISH they are. They are very droll. Is droll Brit fantasy a thing? I'm utterly delighted with this charming book, and I think the humor would be best for kids 9+. Many feel that J.K. Rowling must have derived a lot of inspiration from these stories.

Have a lovely weekend! The weather is supposed to return to summeryness and I'm going to turn the house upside down looking for two misplaced library books. WHEREarethey????? This is what happens when you check out too many books.



  1. So much goodness! We had our cool spell while my strep was raging, so I missed enjoying it outside. It was sweater weather! Now it's hot and humid again. I love the MerMag book nook. The stuffed animal teaparty is precious! Of course, I want that Snow White. I hope you have a beautiful weekend! We go finish enrolling for school today. I found out who their teachers will be. I'm happy! Our summer is almost over. Not happy! Hate the weather, but I'm enjoying time with my babies. Blah.

  2. Oh man Julia is just waiting and waiting to find out her teacher! She's been wanting to discuss Halloween costumes. I can't accept this.....IN JULY. no no no!!!!

  3. Oh I will sooooo trade you weather! hehe! Danzel is right though, we did have a cool spell recently and I begged and begged for it to stay ;) I just realized that we have less than a month til school starts again! Wow!

  4. So many things to look at in one single post! I love the book nook. I wished I could have the weather and space for something that wonderful. The dining room makeover is totally dreamy. I have no windows in my tiny apt. Well ok a few windows but nothing comparable to that! I am going to look up the Aiken book. It seems so interesting!

  5. That tea party is too cute. Love it!

    I want that nook for me!

    OK Seriously I LOVE the idea of making little tags for the memory box. Brilliant. I just might do that.