August 15, 2014

Cool Stuff I Like

Happy Friday, friends! It's funny what things I like versus what others like ~ I took some sunset pix a couple weeks ago and I had had the same timeline photo on my personal Facebook page since last spring, so I was like, oh I'll throw this up. Didn't bother putting it on my professional photo FB page. But this pic got a great response. Mostly I wanted to put it up because it's just kind of representing how I'm feeling about Robin Williams, and the myriad of sad things in the world right now. A mental reminder to look for the light.

Let's start with:

Little itty bitty lemon pies. 


Double chocolate zucchini bread. 


New women's wear from Hanna Andersson. 

My sweet friend Danzel put this lovely article about Robin Williams on my radar.

H&M Fall 2014 Kids line is out now, and it's packed with the most darling things.

As per usual, MFAMB totally gets it. 

Truck stop cinnamon rolls.

Love these decor lights from Bright Lab.

Cool Book of the Week: a pal of mine just posted on Facebook that she and her daughter were currently reading 'Horton Halfpott: or, The Fiendish Mystery of Smugwick Manor; or, The Loosening of M'Lady Luggertuck's Corset' by Tom Angleberger. And well, that title is enough for me! 

"A positively gleeful historical mystery farce" and "goofy faux-British mystery" according to Amazon. Julia just read 'The Strange Case of Origami Yoda' recently and loved it, and since the same author wrote this book as well, I think this is one that we need for our next read-aloud story. Many readers commented that this tale reads like a love-child of Dickens and Roald Dahl. Sold.

Have a lovely weekend! ~ We've been having stormyish, humid weather. The other night Andrew and I watched lightning on our front stoop for nearly 30 minutes - apparently Western Washington had 705 lightning strikes. Between the amazing sunsets and the lightning and supermoons and meteor showers, the skies have been putting on quite the show lately. Everything has that late-summer feel to it. Fall is really coming.



  1. Okay, the article you posted was fascinating. It also left me feeling like I'm doing everything wrong. (I think I'm getting sick again, so my head is probably in a bad place.) Handpies and zucchini bread sound great right now. I actually went through and thinned the corporate stuff in my FB feed after reading that article! (HA!) The Hannah Andersen stuff is lovely. Love the lights. This book has the best title EVER! And thanks to linking to Bailey's Robin Williams tribute. :) Have a beautiful, marvelous weekend, my dear! xoxo

    1. Best title ever! Isn't that Facebook thing crazy?? I just wish FB would show me the stuff that I 'like' and actually want to see! I feel like I have to go searching for my favorite feeds and it wants to show me all this other random stuff.

  2. Oh man, the Hannah Anderson clothes for grownups! Would that I could pull off that black and white stripey dress with the tall boots! And that I could be tall with lovely blonde locks!

    That photo is really so lovely, you have a wonderful eye (and talent), Melissa.

    1. THANK YOU sweet Amelie, I appreciate you saying that so much!!!!!!!!

  3. That article was spot one and I am guilty as sin. Helicopter parent? Yes I am. I really should let my kids do more. My husband is the more reasonable one and he wants his kids to be more independent. I needed to read that. Thanks!

    1. I really needed that article in my life too, believe me!

  4. OMG those cinnamon buns look divine!