September 25, 2014


(a portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week in 2014)

Julia: swinging in her 3 favorite things to wear - her boots, her beret and her green sweater/hoody.

Oooooh friends, you might be mad at me. I'm having a wee crisis. I'm still continuing on with Project 52 (I'm 2 behind so next week I'll have to do a catch-up) but....

I can tell you that next year for SURE there will not be Project 52 in this space. By then I'll have my photo blog up and even if I don't -- if I do more Project 52 next year, it will be on my Facebook photography page most likely, not here.

And I might, from this point until the end of the year, continue the photo series only on Julia's Bookbag Facebook. So sorry to my friends who aren't on Facebook!

This is the problem, see -- I'm basically doing three posts a week here at Julia's Bookbag and one of them is always my Cool Stuff post. No way can I give up that post, it's my favorite! So if one other post is Project 52, that only leaves one post to do a book or a cooking project or a Homelife -- it feels like a lot is being sacrificed for Project 52. I'd rather focus on some actual content than always have some random pic of my kid. There's already a million pix of her on my photography page! I love my child with all of my being, but I'd like to display other things than just all my kid, all the time.

Like, I have a mac n' cheese recipe I want to share. And pictures of flowers. And what book we're reading as our read-aloud. THE CATS. You're totally riveted yes?


Oh and speaking of how chained everyone is to Facebook, Andrew showed me this and we laughed and laughed and laughed.


  1. Do what your heart tells you to do. We'll be ok and stick with you.

    1. my heart is telling me to stay in bed on this rainy day with some tea and watch tv, instead of cleaning, playing phone tag with clients, and catching up with these awful legal classes i'm supposed to be doing. Hurray!!! :)

  2. I totally understand the need to scale back. I'll still be here reading along, though I'll miss seeing your beautiful little girl throughout the week. xoxo

    1. well i'll prolly limp along with it, it does make for quick and easy posts when there isn't a lot of time, ha ha ha!!! Just probably not here in this space. So much social media (ha!), not enough time....:)

  3. You had me at mac and cheese.

    Great photo, awesome outfit!!!

  4. omg, yes, please talk more about the cats. Haha.

    I agree. Do what you need to do, but I, for one, will really miss seeing so much of this girl as she grows.



  5. Do what you feel is right for you Melissa! I'll be here when you post your next story about your cats and your recipes! Julia looks lovely in her colorful outfit! The girl has a sense of style!!! Those pictures are hilarious! I don't really like Facebook but one day I'll get the hang of it :) Have a great weekend!