September 26, 2014

Cool Stuff I Like

Happy Friday my friends! A few weeks ago, we went to a fair for the first time since Julia was 3. Last time I went, I swore that when I got there again, I wouldn't leave until I had tried a deep fried Twinkie. Well guess what. I didn't get the Twinkie AGAIN! Why does this keep happening to me? Well I'll tell you. We were about to have lunch, when we passed the Twinkie place. And it seemed weird to eat that right before lunch (some of you might be thinking it's weird that I would entertain the idea of eating it at all but nevermind that), so I passed it by, but what I didn't realize is that the Twinkie stand was at one end of the fairgrounds and we didn't go back to that area the rest of the time and it was a really far walk and basically, I just blew my Twinkie opportunity to smithereens and I'm VERY SAD ABOUT IT.

So here are some comforting things that might cheer me up and maybe you, if you also have a tremendous sorrow about a snack food that got away........

Warm leggings.

One Pot Chili Mac and Cheese with bonus corgi puppy!

Julia just talked me into getting these dancing skeleton lights.....

I love room makeovers.

Apple Dumplings!

10 Favorite Autumn books from my pal Amelie.

I would like to check in to this hotel asap.

How to be a calm parent.

How to get rid of mucous. (i didn't realize how much i'd been longing to write that phrase before i wrote it)

WOW. (sorry, this isn't really comforting, it was a scary wakeup call to think of the times I've done this!)

Cool Book of the Week: Not sure if you know of my love for Jamie Oliver. My love for him might have escaped your notice, because I'm usually professing my undying love for Mr. Nigel Slater. But Jamie, I do adore him! He seems so NICE. He names his children after flowers and animals. His writing style is fun, cheerful, and encouraging.

And by all the world's pancakes, don't we need all the encouragement we can get in the kitchen?? These days I feel like I need a small team of clapping elves, cheering me on and waving flags and balloons. I have MANY of his books and his newest, 'Jamie Oliver's Comfort Food' was just released. Ok, I will pretty much buy ANYTHING with the words 'comfort food' anywhere in the title. Just like I will want to eat at any restaurant that has the word 'cafe' or 'bistro' somewhere in the name.

Have a lovely weekend! Something very exciting might be happening. I might be getting the first new cell phone I've had since 1998! I'm not joking about the age of my cell phone.



  1. Whoa that dumpling. Whoa that hotel.

    Oooo I want that chili mac and cheese.

    That "The Day My Son Gave Up on Me" article is really good. It makes you really think. I've done that too and felt guilty immediately but then at the same time, it's good to show them patience. I guess there's a balance. Now to find that balance. ;)

    Love me some Jamie Oliver. I would looooove to meet him.

    1. it's like someone made a hotel just for me.....:) I'd love to meet Jamie too! He seems so kind and fun!

  2. I have never had a desire to try a deep-fried Twinkie. It was all I do to hold it in the last time we went to the state fair, 8 years ago, when my hub"by and his best friend tried them. :) Those lights are cute! Apple dumpling recipe is now printed. The Day My Son Gave Up On Me" made me sad. We didn't have the best morning - Little Sis didn't sleep well last night, so she was slow as molasses. She never put her homework folder in her backpack, she couldn't find her other sneaker... Mommy wasn't in a very good mood. :( Have a lovely weekend!

    1. ha ha ha! maybe i'm not missing anything grand! it will remain a tantalizing mystery in my imagination! sorry about your less than stellar AM, I hear you....patience is something I'm totally working on and it's totally hard for me. i try try to remember she is small and learning the world. I find that my patience levels are almost totally tied to time of the month and tiredness level, heh :)

  3. So are those warm leggings significantly warmer than regular leggings? I am skeptical. I think I'm on the hunt for fleece-lined leggings for my daughter for winter. Getting her to layer is impossible. I have some fleece-lined tights that are delicious, but she's a strictly pants girl.

    Jamie Oliver = love. I always have good results with his recipes.

    1. don't know about the leggings! just ordered a pair, so we'll see! regular gap leggings are super thin, so i'm hoping these are more substantial. Mini Boden also has velour and corduroy leggings, just saw the other day! And Hanna Andersson leggings, even the regular ones, are thicker in general than The Gap. I'm kinda obsessed with leggings....:)

    2. We have lots of Hanna leggings, but they're still not warm enough for a Chicago winter, unless she wears tights underneath--but again with the no layering. Also no skirts, no baggy pants, no pink, no flowers, no animal prints. The rules are so strict! I suspect corduroy and velour may be on the No list, as well. :(

  4. I totally need to try that apple dumpling recipe! Thanks for the link about being a calm parent. I certainly need that! I was the one screaming at the kids to not run, to not hit, to not yell... at the birthday party while my husband called me a birthday-party-Nazi. And to not say "In a minute" again to my son. Sigh. I feel so guilty right now. Gotta go home and make it right :) Thanks for sharing Melissa!

    1. I told Andrew about that article and now when Julia calls for me at bedtime and it's his turn to put her to bed, he's like, Don't keep her waiting! The article said not to keep her waiting! :)

  5. Oh you are so kind to include my autumn post, thank you dear friend! And isn't Jamie Oliver just scrumptious? His books are all beautiful.