October 7, 2014


(a portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week in 2014)

Julia: she was very proud to have made her ponytails all on her own. still so much a little girl and a big girl at the same time. some days I look at her and she seems like she's 11 or something, and some days she still looks like a five year old. like when she sleeps. then she looks like she's still my three year old baby!

Hello friends! It's a grey, foggy October day today. Andrew is in hog heaven. He loves autumn more than I do! I have three lights of Halloween deco up. Basically, my way of decorating for any holiday involves putting up some kind of lighting strand. Right now, I have some pumpkin lantern lights, that I had from last year, and I got those dancing skeleton lights from Target and I LOVE THEM, and I also have mini lights that are purple and orange COMBINED except basically they look orange.  I'll have pix of them next week.

I went to lunch at a friend's house last week and it was the best thing ever. She made sweet potato soup (that's the exact recipe!) and cheesy bread and the chocolate cake I had on my Cool Stuff list last week. It was seriously the best lunch ever, and tonight I'm replicating the whole thing for our dinner, that's how impressed I was with it all. We were talking about how, when you are the primary meal-maker....to have someone hand you a plate of awesome food and you don't have to do anything except sit down and eat it....that's pretty much the best thing in the WORLD. Don't you think so?

I have so many ideas of random photo shots I want to create with Julia. I've realized that I would most likely have been a very happy camper creating styled shoots for some random European children's clothing magazine. As important as I think it is to document the everyday, what really floats my boat are crazy creative photo scenarios. My idol Kate Parker recently did a photo of her girl with basically a gallon of glitter dumped on the ground around her daughter and it was the coolest thing ever! If you're on Facebook, you can see it on her page.

What else for today. Oh I just ordered 'Cinderella Skeleton' for Julia and I haz a BIG excitement for it to arrive!


  1. You will love Cinderella Skeleton. It was a big hit in our house.

    And this picture is so beautiful.

    1. I've very excited!! It's such a neat looking book! And thank you so much, I'm thinking I might like this one a bit bigger and framed. :)

  2. Awwww I love how you said she's so much a big girl and yet so much a little girl. What a special age.

    I hear ya on styling photos. Glitter is the best.

    I'm off to check out that recipe.

  3. Very beautiful picture! You should totally shoot for children's fashion adverts!