October 20, 2014

(a portrait of my daughter once a week, every week in 2014)

Julia: windblown and having a swell time on the coast. we saw some beach!

Hmm. I think I'm 3 weeks behind, which means I probably won't be wrapping up my Project 52 until mid January! Oh well.

I have been SO down with the worstest cold! Every time I get a cold, I say it's the worst one I've ever had, but this one was truly terrible. I blew my nose nearly constantly for 4 days straight. That starts to get very tiring. And then I lost my voice in a pretty spectacular way, I sound like a gravelly frog right now. And I made the terrible mistake (again) of taking some Nyquil. Oh no no. I must never take Nyquil! It makes me feel worse than the cold does! That stuff is just evil and it doesn't even really do much of anything, other than make my head feel like it was filled with nothing but scrambled eggs. Omg for a minute I forgot how to spell 'scrambled'.

If anyone has some truly magical suggestions on how to kick colds out from the outset, I would LOVE to hear. I've given up all faith in my echinacea. It really doesn't do squat for me, even if I use a tincture. I never hit it with zinc early on, I wonder if that really helps? 

One time I swear I was able to ward off a terrible flu that was sending people I was working with to the hospital, no jokey, and I was eating about 5-10 cloves of cooked garlic a day, plus 2 packs of Emergen-C a day, all of this for about a week, and I never got the flu that was going around. But if I had already come down with the flu, I'm not sure my garlic regimen would have done anything, maybe it's better as a preventative?

And one time I swear I cured my mother of a terrible virus by using this Chinese remedy called Yin Chiao. (no idea what's in it, it could be full of lead for all I know. my mother didn't mind me experimenting on her!) But I've never used it on myself, maybe that would have cured my terrible cold? I'm going to go get some.

I'm really super tired of these super colds kicking my booty, so if you have some tried and true remedies, I would REALLY love to hear ALL about it! I usually get 2 super colds a year. And before I had the light of my life, my sweet daughter, guess how many I would get -- um, I basically didn't get ANY colds for about 20 years. I had other illnesses, but not very many colds. But my kiddo is worth 15 colds a year, at least. :) Probably more. 

I really didn't think this entire post was going to be about my cold. Oh you know what else is awesome for colds, AND I DON'T HAVE ANY IN THE HOUSE - rosehip tea! Really really great stuff. I'm going to order some right now.


  1. I hear ya. I've had it twice this year. It's the pits. And with being preggars, *sigh* it has sucked even more.

    I do hope it passes quickly.

    Hot compresses help with congestion. I drink lots of rosehip tea and Airborne.

    1. oh thank you for the encouragement - i'm on Day 5 of this nonsense! i do feel like things are improving, even though i've lost my voice :)

  2. I've managed to avoid anything this season, so far - thank goodness, because my septum is still a little tender. Eek. I can never avoid getting sick once I'm exposed, and the only thing that's makes me feel better is getting as much sleep as possible, and eating lots of garlic. I usually lose my voice, too. Blah. I hope you feel better soon, and I love your photo this week.

    1. i've been totally forgetting about the garlic! usually what I used to do is eat a lot of pizza and ask for extra roasted garlic. or roast it myself and throw it on a pizza. I haven't really lost my voice since high school! one time in high school i got a horrible sore throat and lost my voice pretty much completely. this time around I just sound like i swallowed a rock polisher. :) (have you heard those things? worst sound ever!)

    2. oh and i'm glad you like the pic! it's all blurry but i like it anyways :)

    3. YES! Pizza with garlic! That is my biggest craving when I have a cold. Much more so than soup or anything else.

  3. Hot toddys help! Tea (decaf at night), whiskey, honey and lemon. My dad used to make it with moonshine for us as kids........(wish there was a raised brow emoji for that statement, but it was the south and when in Rome....). They are soothing and help you sleep and I swear by them (for me!)

  4. I am so sorry to read that you are sick Melissa! It's awful when one gets a cold and often we take it for granted that we are healthy and strong until it hits us. I can't stand Nyquil either! Hopefully you'll be stronger after this cold and won't suffer anymore of this until many more months! Your picture of your daughter is lovely. I love the movement and freedom it expresses. Good luck with finishing your 52 project! It's such a long term commitment! You'll have a wonderful collection of pictures at the end of it!


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