October 15, 2014

My Chocolate Cake Disaster

So there's this chocolate cake recipe currently pretty much everywhere on the various food bloggies ~ you can see it here and here and oh looky, here's the original recipe. Oh and if you fancy a mini-sized version, that's an option as well.

This cake is EVERYWHERE, and I linked to it in a Cool Stuff post a couple of weeks ago. Right here.

Ok so we've established that there are many places in which you can find a recipe for Izy's Swedish Chocolate Cake, yes? (which is why i'm not writing it down again.)

Izy is a delightful British girl who has a delightful food blog called Top With Cinnamon (I think she began it when she was 16? I think she's 19 now?) and she's recently come out with a delightful-looking cookbook, also called Top With Cinnamon, that I'm really hoping to get for Christmas.

So you might notice that my cake does not look very much like the other incarnations of the cake on the other blogs. Like, not at all. Mine kind of looks like a big chocolate brick. You know why? Because it's a big chocolate brick.

I messed up the recipe because there was a typo in one of the recipes I was following, (which has now been all fixed, so don't worry if you too want to try making this!) and basically it called for adding about 3 times as much chocolate as the original recipe called for.


A pal of mine had also made the cake and she invited me to her house for lunch. We had a lovely lunch and then she produced her perfect cake, which she baked in a loaf pan, and the end result was somewhere between the most wonderful soft cake and a brownie. It was DIVINE.

So when my giant brick of a cake came out of the oven, and I started cross-referencing recipes, I realized something had gone very awry with my chocolate equation. I frantically emailed my friend, and asked her how much chocolate she had used.

(A normal amount, she wasn't as easily confused and led astray as I was, apparently. She measured in grams. I measured in cups, which at the time, was written with a typo. Andrew informed me that I measured in CRAZY.)

But here's thing. The cake was still really good! Just very very intense. If you like deep, dark intense chocolate explosion flavor, well just follow along with my mistake and add.....wait for it.....1 and 3/4 cups of cocoa powder. The original recipe calls for a 1/2 cup.


Try it both ways, if you like! This is a very forgiving cake. You can make it in a round pan. You can make it in a loaf pan. You can add 50 trillion pounds of too much chocolate and it will still be awesome, apparently. Everyone who tried it, loved it.

Just don't overbake it. So anyhoo, that's my little chocolate story and I hope you liked it.


  1. Yours looks a lot like the one on Top with Cinnamon to me. Plus, that cake looks INCREDIBLE and delicious and perfect with a large dollop of whipped cream. Yum.

    1. what else is interesting about the recipe is that you can produce either a molten center, like Izy's, or a slightly more dense version, depending on cooking time. as long as you don't overcook, it's really hard to go wrong. I was SO disappointed when I realized how badly the chocolate measurement had gone, and really relieved that not only was it still edible, but it was really good!

  2. Yours still looks yummy! What a happy mistake! My baking mistakes never have happy endings... Usually because they involve too much baking powder or using baking soda instead of powder, or some other such nonsense.

    1. one time i used self rising flour in a pumpkin cinnamon roll recipe that did NOT call for that type of flour.....and I haven't ever tried to make cinnamon rolls since!

  3. I really, really want to make this. Maybe I will. Like, tonight.

    1. here's how i think you should do it - use the 1/2 cup choc version, baked in a loaf pan! That's how my friend made it, and it was soooooo wonderful!

  4. Looks amazing to me. I wish you could send me a slice or square.

  5. My husband goes behind me and adds more cocoa when I'm baking so he would be more than happy with your little mistake!