October 9, 2014

Raven Mad Studios

Some of you might recall from last year, that I did a review on some really fun books called 'Mr. Underneath' and 'Big Pigs and Sock Dances'. I was then, and am still, TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY by the cooler than cool art style of Randy Briley, the author/illustrator behind the books, and the creator of Raven Mad Studios. His talent just astounds me!

This year, Randy has created a line of holiday cards which are amazing. Do you see the amazing? How cute are these? Oh and do you spy an elf snuck into the mix? Christmas card! Stay tuned for a post about a book from Randy featuring these elves.....

In addition to the line of cards, Raven Mad Studios is also offering these amazing sculptures (available on the website), which fit right in with Halloween and autumnal decor. LOVE the owls!

And as a remind, Randy's books are available via the Raven Mad website and also on Amazon.

His work is fun at anytime of year, but I find his fantastical renderings to be particularly well suited for the autumn season, don't you think so?


  1. Fabulous cards! Love the sculptures, too. His art is amazing.

  2. Rad. Seriously. Thank you for finding this!