October 29, 2014

The Fortune Teller's Parlour

Welcome to our fortune teller's parlour! That's parlour with an OU, not 'parlor'. Because you gotta grab the fancy when you can. We recently attended our first truck or treat function, and I wish I wish I wish you could have seen the brainstorming that went down between me, Andrew, and our neighbors.

I think Andrew and I spent HOURS and DAYS going back and forth on what we wanted to do. Dragon's fiery mouth, spiderweb, pirate's lair, just dry ice and calling it a day....it went on and on.

Since I had just re-read 'The Night Circus', I majorly had all things fortune teller on the brain, and my idea was an old fashioned Victorian fortune teller's parlOUr. Mostly because I already had a ton of deco that would lend itself to the theme.

And in the end, I got my way, because my neighbor was super keen on doing the pirate's lair, and I REALLY wanted fortune teller, and Andrew had no idea how to make his vision that was mostly Very Awesome in His Head come to life without a set designer and $5000 of spare decorating cash.

So here's what we did: headed to the craft store to get about $10 worth of LED faux candles that light up. Then I hauled out my battery operated mini light strands, which we just artfully arranged on the floor of the trunk. My mom got me an awesome Halloween light-up snow globe thingy because she's awesome that way, and I also snagged this cool raven (not really shown, bummer) that is wearing a necklace. Then we propped up a few mardi gras masks (our theme became Mardi Gras/Fortune Teller/Crazy Land), and I ordered from Amazon some oversized playing cards, which were 5x7 sized.

We covered an Ikea stepstool with this starry gauzy sheer fabric that I've used on everything from Christmas tree wrapping to photo shoots - and we put the Halloween snow globe on top of that. I also happened to have (yes, I happen to collect Victorian esque Halloween decorations) some vintagey Halloween party hats and a boa that spells out BOO -- that isn't really showing in the picture, but it's awesome.

Oh and another neighbor gave me some black velvet swaths of material, and I used that to cover the floor of the trunk and the back of the seats. And that was basically it!

If you too are interested in vintagey, Victorian-ish Halloween or other seasonal decorations, you must must must check out Victorian Trading Company. I meant to do a post on them, but forgot. Maybe for Christmas! Anyway, what do you think? The whole effect was better in person, because it's hard to see all of the swags and boas and whatnot in my not-so-great night time pix, but it gives you the basic idea.


  1. Whoa. I love it. What fun!!! This came out awesome.

    1. We don't want to take it out of our car and the function was a week ago!

  2. This is fabulous!!!!! I love it, and wish I could come see it!

    1. ME TOO!!! we could have a Vintagey Halloween party!!! :)

  3. This came out great! I love your idea! It's very original and rather unusual (but totally in-theme) And kudos for not spending a fortune on the decorations!

  4. Replies
    1. ask and ye shall receive -- i'll post a few more pix that i took during the day time, JUST FOR YOU, and I'll put them on my Friday post. :)


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