December 17, 2014

Big Pig and the Lost Elf

Let me tell you about one of the the cutest books that you ever will see. 'Big Pig and the Lost Elf' is a new Christmas classic that needs to be in your rotation every holiday season.

I've been longing for my pals over at Raven Mad Studios to get this book in my hands! And it's here! This gloriously fun, charming AND delightful little gem is finally here!

Art genuis Randy Briley, the creator behind 'Big Pigs and Sock Dances' has made an even charming-er story, if that was even possible. A little elf has lost his way. And it's up to Big Pig to help him out. Because he's decided that's what he's a-gonna do this particular holiday season - BE A HELPER.

(at the outset, oh so sadly, the barn yard animals do not want Big Pig's "help", which is kind of like when your 2 year old toddler offers to "help" - it's assistance you're better off without.)

But hey happy day, an elf falls out of the sky! Big Pig vows to help his new friend make his way back to Santa.

They look everywhere for the North Pole.

Everyyyyyyyywherrrrrre. Elf and Big Pig look in London, the desert, outer space, and the South Pole, to name just a few spots to which they venture.

(Neither one of them has a particularly keen sense of direction, it turns out.)

They finally make it to the correct Pole.

Big Pig is named an honorary elf, and he and his new BFF make a Christmas vow to spend every holiday henceforth, together.

My friends. Let's chat about this. This fun, funny, whimsical, and happy story is told in a rhyming structure that's so cleverly done - color me impressed when you've got an author who finds fun rhymes for 'offended' and 'kerplop', and does it in such a way that school aged kids will be entertained right alongside their preschooler or kindergarten aged siblings.

Another nice thing (besides the art, besides the story) is that it's a light and not-too-big paperback, that I'm planning on stockpiling and handing out when I need a little gift or something to take to a holiday book exchange. Next year, every kiddo I give gifts to is getting one of these babies.

And if you want to keep tabs on everything magical that Randy Briley comes up with, check out his website and Facebook page!

(I'd say the normal jazz about how the creators sent me this book to review, and that all opinions are my own, but really what happened was that when I got wind that this story was in the works, I got in touch with them and begged for this book! So...yeah.)


  1. Dying to get my hands on this! Never even heard of it! Been discovering all these unique Christmas books too late this Winterfrost, by Michelle Houst, a chapter book which I just started reading to my seven year old a few nights ago and we are completely more reason to wish for more time before Christmas. :)

    1. it's not too late for this one! it's a short, quick read. would be GREAT for Christmas Eve! um, I'm totally going to look for Winterfrost.....we sometimes carry on with our holiday books into January :)

  2. This book is adorable. Big Sis is reading Winterfrost! I got it from the library for myself, but she took it with her to read in her dressing room during The Nutcracker.

    1. i just put in an order for it! it looks amaaaaazing :)

  3. This is such a sweet story! Thanks for sharing!