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December 12, 2014

Happy Friday! Ok friends, believe it or not, but this is only....maybe #5 of camera phone photos I've ever taken? And Hello Kitty on the left, as you can see, is totally not intentionally out of focus, but oh well. Onto the blog it goes! Can I tell you, I feel like I'm re-learning how to drive or something - this business of learning to take decent camera phone pictures? I'm SO not used to the process at all. I'm determined to practice and figure it out.

Let's partake of some internet holiday cheer, shall we?

Old fashioned Christmas candy.

Totally bought Downton Abbey Christmas Preserves for myself to put under the tree.

DARLING Christmas ornaments!

Best thing I read all week.

Look what Danzel did on her porch!

This is mindblowing. 

How to hide your Christmas presents.

Adorable folksy gift giving guide.

Lickable wallpaper.

Apartment Therapy's take on new holiday decorating ideas.  

Totally making these neon garlands for my tree next year. Next Christmas, I'm changing how I do my tree in a big way.

Cool Book of the Week: 'The Night Before Christmas', illustrated by the great Roger Duvoisin. Saw this a couple weeks ago and flipped my lid. You should see this! It's tall and narrow, and gorgeously done in Duvoisin's signature cool style. I had no idea the artist behind 'The Happy Lion' and 'Petunia' had also done a version of the classic Christmas poem, newly reissued this fall.

Have a lovely weekend! Hopefully (I'm writing this on Wednesday) I won't have been blown away in a big wind storm we're supposed to have in the next day or so! Last time our region had a big wind storm in December, some people were without power the week before Christmas and even through Christmas, I think. And it was super cold. At least right now, it's pretty warm. So if I'm silent next Monday, it's because there's no power!



  1. I just LOVED the ladyperson article - so funny (wish I hadn't read it whilst eating a sandwich though). Thanks for sharing :-)

    1. ha ha ha Kate! wasn't that the funniest?? Pants are for suckers!

  2. That ladyperson post had me cracking up. Thanks for cheering me up this morning! xoxo

    1. it's the greatest, and SO glad to have been of cheerio assistance, sweet Michelle!! xoxo

  3. "You’re a superfresh candypants sugarblossom." - may be what I call everyone from here on out!

    1. YES. Oh yes. Me too. I'll probably shriek it the next time I see you!

  4. My head hurts from even reading the top of the Big Bang/Alternate Universe article. Cannot. Comprehend. I loved the Ladyperson post, of course. Thanks for the link love. Downton preserves look good! I want this book SOOOO much. Roger Duvoisin is my favorite. I know it's at my local indie store, but I am low on funds, and cannot buy things for myself right now. (Yes, it would be for me.) Candy canes are so awesome. Cute ornaments! Lickable wallpaper, yes, makes me think of Willy Wonka, but really, all I can think of are GERMS. Beautiful Christmas stuff at Apartment Therapy. (Well, the sheepskin tree skirt reminds me of something out of the Restoration Hardware post you listed last week!) Sometimes I really wish white walls looked more appealing in this house. Someday, I'd like to wait and try the Christmas Eve tree with candles thing. Maybe when I get my big, old dream house, and can have multiple trees...

    1. well doll, if it makes you feel better, I had the book in my hands and didn't get it - Andrew was like, omg JUST ONE ! and I was super torn between that one and the Jan Brett and I got the Jan Brett. ha ha yes Willy Wonka, that's what I thought too! We just watched that with Julia for the first time a couple weeks ago. She loved it!

  5. What seriously great decorating ideas. I love it. Especially the pictures around a door frame one. I'm SO going to use that.

    Whoa. I want those preserves. Oh how I adore World Market.


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