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December 19, 2014

I did it again! Honest to goodness plumb forgot to add my 'cool stuff i like' lettering to my photo. See? My mind just doesn't want to go there anymore! Got an extra lengthy list for you today, because there was an extra amount of awesome out there this week-before-Christmas. I could have added tons more. Friends, let's discuss online purchasing for a moment. I do pretty much 99.9% of my shopping online. I did a ton of it this year on Cyber Monday. But anyhoo, several things I ordered came.....and I didn't realize (or hadn't carefully checked) that they were GIANT sized. 2 things for Andrew, well let's just say I hope he likes what I got, because there are enormous quantities of it! And something came for Julia that I thought would be small and wee and cute, and well, it is the opposite of wee. It is super jumbo sized. I'm really not sure how I was so far off the mark in terms of quantity and size. Oh well, live and learn.....

Oh wow, I love this idea for gift wrapping.

Best of IKEA - holiday.  ~ via Design Sponge

I'm totally tired of my sugar cookie recipe. So I'm going to try this one!

Christmas games. 

The Vampire Slayer Ramen Express. And if that doesn't make you feel festive, I wash my hands of you.

Holiday crafts. 

The best old movies for families. 

Darling. Love all of this Christmas house, and especially her words and sentiments in the post.

Animals destroying Christmas. Hurray!

Some Scandi homes decorated for the holidays. 

I found it! This chocolate-orange bread pudding is going to be my Christmas Day Dinner dessert.

Cool Book of the Week: a lovely Awesome & Helpful reader, backed up by another pal, suggested I check out the book 'Winterfrost'  by Michelle Houts. So I did. I looked it up, read the story description, and I didn't even hit pause, or the check-the-library button - I went straight to 'PLACE ORDER' and I'm kind of wondering if I need to arm wrestle my child when it arrives, so that I can read it first. It's a wintery tale set in Denmark, about a girl who finds out the hard way what occurs when her family forgets to put out the traditional bowl of Christmas porridge for nisse, little elf creatures who are supposed to guard a family and their farm animals. I'm sooooooo excited!

Have a lovely weekend! It's finally holiday baking time for us. Sugar cookies and gingerbread, my Christmas-time warriors. Don't forget that getting through the holidays is like, a BATTLE, and one needs to be armed with gingerbread.



  1. I did the same thing with ginormous calendars that I ordered weeks ago but only opened last night. Sure hope the grandparents love the ginormousness of them. :S I tried the American Test Kitchen sugar cookie recipes (that have cream cheese) and the trick of rolling the dough out flat on the pan before you chill it and it ROCKED! Made two dozen huge round cookies for decorating and they were perfect (well, the second batch was once I figure out the baking times.)

    1. Shannon I think you just presented me with a Christmas miracle! I do that now with pie dough, line the pan first before chilling, but that never occurred to me to also do that with cookie dough! i'm totally going to do that!

      as for the other issue, well hey. i guess you can never have too much of a good thing. right???


    1. me too!! I have a dreadful cold and all that garlic would be awesomely good for me :)

  3. I loooove simple brown packaging. That's normally my go to. I'm trying to embrace color since my little girl loves it though. How sweet to use the scraps like that.

    Those games look like such fun!

  4. BTW, I'm totally curious about this jumbo thing you speak of. I hope you decide to share later. ;)

    1. I will DEFINITELY reveal all as soon Christmas is over!! you will laugh :)

  5. I got a little miffed at the "everyone has something from IKEA in their homes" line. There's a huge swath of us without an IKEA nearby. Chocolate orange bread pudding sounds awesome. I'm using newspaper and yarn to wrap presents this year. I have both on hand. Yay! I am terribly behind on everything that needs to be mailed - cards, packages, etc. I suck. Everyone's stuff will be late this year!!! :o/

    Happy, happy weekend!

    1. (i will have extra IKEA in my house for you! heh) - honestly, I maybe get there 2x a year. It's not super convenient to get to from where I am. But anyhoo. I think next year might be the year I go full craft paper present wrapping, with very bright or neon ribbons. I've mailed exactly ZERO cards - I don't usually send out cards - this yr a few will actually go out, but they're New Years cards!

  6. the best old movies is one of dan's favorite books. it's really good!


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