January 12, 2015

49 and 50/52

(a portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week in 2014. and a few in 2015)

Julia: mixing her patterns and colors in the most beautiful way.

I know. This is not the puppy. This is my kiddo. I have some puppy pix (hey, we have our puppy!) but they're still sitting in my camera because all I've been doing the past day and a half is taking the puppy out to go potty. I am very tired.

Andrew and I looked at each other and were like, wow we must REALLY love our daughter, because puppies are a lot of work! We honestly would have been fine remaining doggy free, but I did miss my Lab doggy Annabelle, and they are such nice friends for a family. Julia is so delighted, I can't even tell you. Hey, puppies are great when you're a kid. You get to pet it and play with it and your parents pick up all the poop! When summer rolls around, she's going to be trained to be a master pooper picker-upper as well. Hurray!

Ok. Very tired. I finally got Julia's Christmas books put together and I'll show you those next! I know, you just care about the puppy.


  1. Sweet pictures. We still don't have our puppy. Our trip to Oklahoma fell through as we were heading out the door, suitcases in hand. My mom called to say my stepdad had the stomach flu. They're supposed to bring her to us next weekend. Sigh. So I tore my house apart, redoing our books. Not a good idea. I should get back to work, in fact...

    1. I've been trying to redo books as well. Made a pretty large stack to donate to the library, so that was good! And yet......everything looks the same. How does that work? You get rid of stuff and everything looks the same? #housemagic

  2. You go girl. That is love.

    I btw love the second pic. I have a things for pictures of hands.

    1. Oh I'm glad you like that one! I love that she came down wearing those prints. I love that fearlessness in children when it comes to their clothes. I think more adults should do that, just wear whatever pattern they think looks pretty. It would be a more fun, colorful world!


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