January 7, 2015

A Year in the Life of Downton Abbey

LET'S TALK, my friends. What did you think of the first episode? I LOVED it. Absolutively LOVED it. Sure, they spent a lot of time covering...not so new territory. But isn't that why we watch 'Downton'? To see those same characters doing their same old thing? I honestly feel like I'm watching friends at this point. Me and Carson? We're best pals. Also, ditto Mrs. Hughes. Basically I'm friends with the entire kitchen staff. Even bad bad bad BAD Thomas. Is Jimmy really going away? I'd be sad about that, but if it means they'd give more airtime to SPRATT, then I'd be happy to say goodbye to Jimmy.

There's an expression in Hawaii that the kids (and everyone else) use - "stink eye" - that means side eye or casting shade or basically, looking at someone like you would like them to shrivel up and die. Spratt gives the some of the best stink eye I've EVER seen.

What do you all think about Tony G.? He's growing on me. But why why why can't Tom and Mary have a go at it? That would be the fun and cool choice. Oh the drama they could milk out of that. If they stick him with Rose....that will be an extremely BLEH storyline.

So you might have noticed me showing you a book. 'A Year in the Life of Downton Abbey'. I SQUEALED and SHRIEKED when this walked into my home, tucked under my mom's arm. I can't decide if it's an early birthday present or a late Christmas present, but either way, I was beyond thrilled to have this book. It's been sitting on my Pinterest board for many weeks now.

I'd like to say a few things about the photographing of this book. It's the hardest book I've ever photographed on the blog. It's been super dark, and the book is heavy and doesn't stay open easily and today you are going to see my hands and my FEET (I deleted a pic that had more of my feet b/c I had too many pictures) and you will see what lengths I go to when I photograph a book. (i'll stretch a little, that's how far I'll go, ha.)

Like, yoga. See below.

That grey thing on the lefty is my footsie, trying to get the *&%#@! book to stay open. It's book yoga!

Hello fingers. I usally try to keep my grubby hands out of my pictures. Today I was relatively clean. Aren't Tom and Sibby so cute? WEREN'T THOSE KIDS BABIES LAST SEASON? I'm worried they're racing through time so fast on this show that soon it won't be a period drama anymore.

That's my cat. And Andrew's shoes. I was very frustrated with the book's lack of easy photographability at this point. That's totally a word. I was basically walking around the house trying to find a decent place to take a picture of it; parts of it are very shiny and reflecty and it was just a pain, I tell you.

Here we are in the kitchen.

So let's talk about something else besides my feet and the cat.

There are recipes! There's a lot of stuff! That's the best review I've ever done. There's a lot of stuff.

If you are a 'Downton' lover, this whole deal is really supremely fun. The book is divided into months, and each month there's a chapter with a few recipes, and interviews with various writers, actors and creators of the show, and then a discussion of how stories and seasonal celebrations in the 'Downton' plotlines reflect actual historical happenings of the time.

The book is a great companion to the show and has a lot of photographs from this latest season. Super NEATO! If you know a Downton fan who's having a birthday, and you really like that person (or yourself), this would be the bestest gift ever. I know of what I speak, because I got it as a gift and it was indeed the bestest gift ever and very happiness inducing. Mine also came with a Downton bookmark. I think everyone needs a Downton bookmark.

I'm so THRILLED 'Downton' is back on! I told Andrew that it's my favorite show of all time. He was all, "oh you mean just like 'Parks & Recreation' "? (I love that show to an absurd level.)


  1. I am watching Parks & Rec right now. First episode. I am spending the day lying on the couch. If I'm lying down, I feel fine, but if I stand, I cough. Blah. (Just a cold, bad cough. Hot tea helps, so thank you!) I did watch Downton, despite not having seen a season 4 episode since the rape incident. I was reading Wiki synopses to fill in the blanks. Lovely book!

    1. I am SO HAPPY that you're watching Parks and Rec!!!! So sad about your cough though, blurg. :(

  2. I'm still catching up on Downton on netflix, so I haven't seen the new episodes. I have to find time to watch when my husband isn't around. He used to like to watch it with me, but after the rape episode he announced "it isn't credible anymore" - and once he goes off a show it is no longer pleasant to have him nearby when I want to watch it, so it is slow going. I did watch the special "Manners of Downton" and really enjoyed it. Anyway - the book looks lovely, and the shot with your foot was a cute look at the life of a photographer. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Oh I hope you keep up with your Downton viewing! I thought by the time they got to the end of the season, it was very good again. Still don't think they needed the drama or whatever they were going for with the rape - that's not why I watch Downton!

  3. Thanks for this! I just ordered it for my mother (who is obsessed with this show - I mean, I like it a lot but she is insane for it - and doesn't want Mary to end up with Lord Gillingham because the guy employed the rapist valet). She will LOVE this book! I would've given it to her for Christmas if I knew it existed, but it's kind of more fun to give it as a rando mid-January present. And how excited are you for the Parks&Rec season premiere next week? Woohooooo!

    1. you are a GREAT daughter!!!!! your mom is going to LOVE. :) (we're still working our way thru last season's Parks and Rec on netflix, but I'm so thrilled that there's more to watch!)