January 30, 2015

cool stuff i like

Happy Friday to you! Another shot of mah birthday cake. Did you miss that post? You do not want to miss that post, here's more of my cake in all its glory! How's this week been for you? Snowy? I was extremely freaking out about all the blizzarding. I've never experienced a blizzard. Did you all have fun in the snow, you Northeasterners? Or was it a pain? Or both? What else is newsworthy - oh did you all notice that post about my winter book stack has not appeared yet? I'm SURE you noticed! So I'm reading this book, and I took pix of it, realizing that I have a LOT to say about it, and it needs it very own post. And down below I'll show you another book from the stack, and thusly I will have WHITTLED down the stack and put the wheels of my winter book post into motion....in the meantime, here's what I found online this week:

Supposedly this year's 'Gone Girl'.

This carrot cake looks amazing!

My Valentine's Day Pinterest board.

A shared room for four sisters.

20 new classics every child should own.

This tumeric latte drink sounds awesome.


Winter vibe candles.

Any book that says 'boo boo butt' needs to be in my life. 

Things to do with a giant roll of paper.

Date, apricot, and walnut loaf cake. 

Cool Book of the Week: My blog pal, Danzel, just recently posted that she had ordered 'First Frost' by Sarah Addison Allen and I did a little gasp, because I FORGOT all about this newest book from La Sarah. So I promptly ordered it too! Ok, can we talk (again) about my loooooooooove for 'Garden Spells'??? I LOVE THAT BOOK. I've re-read it at least a dozen times. And I longed for a sequel, but Sarah Addison Allen has always said on her website that plans for a 'Garden Spells' sequel were iffy. Well guess what this is?? A 'GARDEN SPELLS' SEQUEL! I'm so delighted. The magical Waverley family is back, and Claire is making magical candies, and oh my, go get 'Garden Spells' and then have fun with this one! Treat yo-self for Valentine's Day!

Have a lovely weekend! Is the Superbowl happening this weekend? ha ha ha. I'm really not terribly invested, despite the fact that the Seahawks are playing. I'm more interested in the fact that brownies and chili will be happening along with the football game....



  1. I've had some people recommend Girl on a Train to me on Goodreads, but I'm not sure how I felt about Gone Girl. I want to see the movie, though. That carrot cake looks delicious. Hey, I know some of those books on the new classics list! ;) I've read The Book With No Pictures to the girls, but they were only mildly amused! I was sad. I may get it for my nieces at some point. I questioned why we really needed another Ghostbusters, but that is a fabulous cast. I love all four of those women. I read a great headline/reaction about how, yay, if this one is successful, then maybe we can cast all female leads in original movies now! HA! Reading the last book I selected for the Winter Reading program at the library, then First Frost is next! Love you! Happy Weekend!

  2. I never read Gone Girl! gasp. Did see the movie tho, and thought it was a hilarious comedy! I too question the Ghostbusters thing, but I'll totally see it with that cast. I also question why about the new Indiana Jones reboot, but if Chris Pratt is the new Indy, well I'm pretty much totally game for that as well. XOXOXOXXO

  3. That date and walnut cake!

    I'm so intrigued by this all female Ghostbusters. On one hand it's like, "What?" But on the other hand, there is no men that could fill those shoes so it's better to make a female cast.