February 20, 2015

cool stuff i like

Happy Friday! Not my best effort with the camera phone but I figured if I scribbled all over the picture in bright garish colors, that would improve things, yes? Julia and Andrew were at the pet store last week and she insisted that our puppy needed a sweater. With a hoody. With a pom pom on the top. She looks SO HAPPY in it!!!??? She's lucky that she won't stay this size, because I think then that Julia and I would happily get her an outfit for every day of the week, much to Nomi's and Andrew's deep, deep chagrin.

My online finds o' cool this week:

This banana-coconut-chocolate snack cake is happening asap.

SO pretty!

Dollhouses made from IKEA products. 

Fairy tales and chocolate orange cheesecake. A winning combo.

I've been watching this show and I LOVE IT.

Lucky Chinese New Year and Noodles. 

H&M spring!

Um, these stuffies are super duper adorable.

Grownup books to read in 2015. (I'm all over the new Kazuo Ishiguro novel!)

A beautiful cake that would be just right for springtime.

Cool Book of the Week: I'm thinking about trying to find 'My Dog! A Kids' Guide to Keeping a Happy & Healthy Pet' by Michael J. Rosen from the library, or some other book like it, for Julia. She adores her puppy, she adores reading animal how-to's and informational nonfiction books about animals in general, so hey, I might as well put her to work in terms of taking care of raising this dog to be a decent doggy member of society.

Have a lovely weekend! Our weather can't decide what it's doing - all I know is that cherry blossoms are blooming IN FEBRUARY and that is both confusing and wrong. I wasn't prepared to start taking cherry blossom photos of Julia yet! #blogger problems



  1. Oh, I love your little puppy in her sweater! I want the Ishiguro, too. I think Never Let Me Go is one of the most devastating books I've ever read. This new one is supposed to be his big foray into fantasy territory. I'm excited! YES to The Paradise! Have you been watching Grantchester, by chance? Mr. B got me started on it and it's so good. I've been eyeing that buttermilk cake with the blood orange frosting, too, but look how much butter is in the frosting. It's worse than the cardamom cake frosting. I need to find a way to tone it down. The chocolate orange cheesecake, on the other hand, sounds flippin' amazing. The girls were disappointed we didn't make dumplings yesterday. I told them we'd do it soon. I heart Gingerlilly Tea. And I heart you, too! Happy Weekend!!!! xoxo

    1. Tears were seriously pouring down my face while I read the book and watched the movie. THAT BOOK. One of the best things I've ever read. I have NOT seen Grantchester, never even heard of it! Oh I'm so excited! We didn't have dumplings wither but we did have local chinese takeout that had noodles so I guess that was good - kinda bummed I didn't do as much Lunar New year celebrate as I normally do, but it fell right smack into Julia birthday week, so oh well to that. Heart you right back!!!!

  2. Thanks for featuring our banana cake! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

    1. oh you are so welcome Agnes! I've got my bananas all ready to go!

  3. ok. how is it with the puppy? spill it!

    1. it's not a walk in the park. i'll shoot you an email with all the gory details :) - she is cute though :)

  4. omg, your photo is hilarious. Love Nomi!

    That book is genius. How many times do you hear parents complaining that the kids do nothing for their pets. But, now they'll know just what to do. Smart.

    Also, I had never been on Hello, Wonderful so thank you for that.



    1. Hello Wonderful is a super fun site - great lunch ideas!

  5. I've been thinking about trying that show.