February 3, 2015

nomi's day

Just a little snippet in time in a day in the life of a puppy. Our puppy is very good. She rings her little bell when she wants to go outside to go potty.

She also:

rings the bell when she wants to go play.

When she's bored.

When she wants to go play. *she wants to go play all the time

When she wants to go potty 15 minutes after she went potty the first time.

When she did one kind of potty but now needs to go another kind of potty.

When she wants to go chase the ball.

When she wants to dig up old potatoes in our forgotten and neglected potato bin.

When she wants to chew on my beloved peony bush.

Are you getting my vibe? That bell is ringing A LOT. Which someone warned me about. And it's not a ting-a-ling dainty little bell. It's a big, honking, LOUD bell, which she JUMPS on and pulls on when she's ringing it. It sounds like a stack of dishes crashing onto the floor.

But I love her. She's warm and snuggly. She's so cute when she sleeps! We LOOOOOOOOVE her so much when she's sleeping!!


  1. Aww, she's so precious! I want a puppy to snuggle!

  2. ooooooh my lawd! she is SO CUTE! What kind of dog is she???
    I remember puppy days. But then she'll be about 4 or 5 months and be able to go outside and go potty and you'll think "my baby is a genius!" hehehe!

    1. she's a Brittany spaniel! but apparently Brittanies aren't really true spaniels. So the more correct way to refer to them is just to call one a Brittany dog. I was very ignorant of all things Brittany until a month ago!

      (our puppy is very advanced!) ha ha ha

  3. Oh man, she looks like so much FUN!

  4. cute cute cute! What a sweetie she is, I am in love! :)

    1. oh Jeska, she's a sweet pea, but oh my goodness - I'm utterly exhausted! :)