February 11, 2015

springtime goodies from terrain

Nope, this post is not sponsored by Terrain. I WISH. I'm just kind of obsessed with that shop, and I was looking at the website the other day because I had seen something pretty from there on Pinterest, and well, now we have a little post o' pretties from Terrain.

Doesn't everything look so fresh and springy? I know there's another month of winter and a lot of you are knee deep in snow, but I thought just the idea of springtime looming on the horizon might bring a smile to someone's face.

By now, maybe some of you might have realized how this blog works. It often functions as my personal wish list - books I want to read or share, recipes I want to make, things I'd like to decorate my home with - I like to use it, a lot of the time, as a personal memo board of Lovely and Uplifting Things. Every single item in the collage up above is something I'd love to have!

The frosted rose vase collection...oh my stars. Looooooooooove.

One of these days, I'm going to have the garden party/tea soiree I've been planning in my head for years, and these garden party straws are going to be in the drinks! Terrain even says they're for garden parties!!

The robin's-egg-blue beeswax tapers are just gorgeous, don't you think? I think they'd be amazing in early spring - still cold a lot of the time, so that candles wouldn't seem out of place, but in a color that makes you think about sunnier days ahead.

I've never seen 'Seasonal Baking' by Fiona Cairns in person, but I'd like to change that state of affairs.

Sarabeth's Hot Chocolate Parisienne? MOTHER'S DAY GIFT PLEASE.

And this edition of 'Henny Penny' by Paul Galdone would be perfect for Easter baskets.

Lastly, these lavender heart soaps are the prettiest little things, and come in the most enchanting box. This would be an amazing gift for anyone in the spring!

I officially just got super excited for winter to vamoose itself.


  1. I want those garden party straws! Too cute!!

  2. Oooo, pretty! More stuff to covet. ;) Those tapers are the color of my living room walls!

    1. oooh that's right!!!! It must always be springtime in your house!! :)

  3. I love Terrain. They like seriously never sell a bad thing.