March 6, 2015

cool stuff i like

Happy Friday! I know a lot of you are knee deep (or more) in snow. But where I am, we're having an early spring. I'm tremendously sad about the impending time change, because that means about three weeks or so of insomnia for me. What should we talk about next week? I think I'll try and throw up a recipe and some tiny books that are so wee and cute. Oh - always with the hustle across all media platforms - if any of you (who are local to the surrounding Seattle area) want spring or Easter or May Day or Mother's Day sessions or whatever else spring-y you can think of, Melissa Glynn Photography is happy to get some pretty spring portrait action going for you!

Online fun-ness this week:

How to clean upholstered furniture. Sounds like useful info I might need now that we have a dog.


A Country Living spring fair.

Nutella breakfast cereal! 

Omigolly this activity looks so fun!

I want to read this book.

This chocolate cake.

AWESOME! (and, no! let them be!)

Julia is now obsessed with little troll dolls.

Have you seen the new look at Dinner, A Love Story? Fab. Reminds me how badly I want to re-design my blog.

Cool Book of the Week: Ok, I'm aware that this is now the 3rd time in a month's span that I've mentioned works by Nicoletta Ceccoli. After this, I'll chill. But but but.... the Cinderella movie is coming next week! And look how darling this version of 'Cinderella' by Sarah L. Thomson and the divine Nicoletta is! Enchanting!

Have a LOVELY weekend! I see so many photos of snow, snow and more snow on the East Coast. There was even a sprinkle of snow on top of Haleakala, the volcano on my old island home of Maui, which rarely gets snow. But no snow in Seattle! SO bummed. I guess I'll have to content myself with cherry blossoms and thinking about ways to plant a flower garden without Nomi the puppy destroying it.......



  1. Thanks so much for the shout out!!

  2. I've wanted that book for a while! I can't believe I missed the Nutella cereal recipe. I so wish I could go to the Country Living Spring Fair! My girls have a little collection of my sister's old Trolls from the '80s and '90s. We found some vintage '60s Trolls at an antique store once, and Little Sis wanted them soooo much, but I talked her out of it. Way too much money! Saving the cake recipe for later. Very curious about Beauty and the Beast. Excited for Cinderella! I don't want Cinderella's blue gown. I'm in love with Lady Tremaine's green one myself. :)

    1. J's friend has a little troll pencil topper and now J thinks they are the most wonderful things on earth. I told her she could buy one with her allowance, one of the mystery trolls that come in little boxes, those are under $10 - but omg the more elaborate ones with clothes and stuff?? like $45! what? crazy.

      I AM SO EXCITED for Cinderella, meh on the blue dress and YES Cate's dress is amazing! Doesn't that spring fair look amazing? I want to go to England!

      I also saw a make your own Cookie crisp cereal recipe, i think I have it on Pinterest - I can't believe I never saw the Nutella crisps until now either! Julia would LOVE.

  3. Too many fairy doors? No such thing!

    Oh my stars, that cereal!

    I've been meaning to read Simplicity Parenting too.

    1. doesn't it look so fun to make? i really want to try it out :)