March 13, 2015

cool stuff i like

Happy Friday! Ok I am shocked and amazed that this blog is still going because Nomi the puppy makes it very hard to get anything done around here. Ok, we've all seen the 'Downton' finale right? THAT WAS AWESOME. That one episode made up for what I thought was a rather lackluster season. I pretty much think an entire spin-off could form around Carson and Mrs. Hughes. Speaking of 'Downton', I'm beyond excited to see 'Cinderella' this weekend, and see Daisy as an evil stepsister. Next week on the blog (have you noticed I'm giving thrilling little previews? That's because it's much more likely to actually happen, if I commit to it right here), I have a doll book I want to post about, and then another doll book to post about. Oh heck, I might do another doll book after that. Let's just have a month of dolls!

Online awesome this week:

Thanks to my pal Julia for this dose of bookalicious fab.

Fairy toast, 3 ways.

YES to all of it. 

Irish Apple Crumble Cake. 

A cozy Scandinavian home. You guys know I love this stuff.

Martha Stewart's spring cleaning list - I feel tired just looking at it.

THIS THIS THIS. Last weekend I sat down and played dolls with Julia for 45 minutes. I walked up to her and said, let's go play, you and me. Her eyes LIT UP, and she THANKED ME. She said it's the most special thing in the world when I sit down and play with her. I almost cried.

I want this book for Easter! Or I want to give it to Julia for Easter.

Pantry Dinners!

Cool Book of the Week: I saw 'Once Upon A Cloud' by Claire Keane while I was looking up another book on Amazon and what really intrigued me, aside from the adorable looking art, was that the creator is an artist who worked on both 'Frozen' and 'Tangled'. This is her debut picture book! About a little girl who goes on a celestial journey through the sky. Doesn't it seem immensely charming? This was just published this March and I think it looks enchanting.

Have a lovely weekend! I can't believe it's midway through March. It seems like we never really had a winter here. I know a lot of you have had more than enough winter. It's been very spring-like and mild here, I've been turning off the heat during the day and opening windows. I'm still working on tidying, but it's very slow going.



  1. Thanks for the shout out! :-)
    I heard Claire Keane on NPR talking about the Once Upon A Cloud Book. Fun fact: She is the granddaughter of Bill Keane of Family Circus fame.
    Downton! So soapy and ridiculous and I love every minute.
    A new friend of mine refers to Harper as "Lady Rose"! I love that.
    Can't wait to see Cinderella as well. Did I tell you I worked with Richard Madden (aka Prince Charming) once? He is THE NICEST guy. Nicest.
    Oh that Scandinavian home makes me weep, it is so lovely.

    Thanks for an awesome Friday. Everything is going to be better with Fairy Toast.


    1. Yes I did see that about Claire! And her dad used to be an artist at Disney as well! Clearly a lot of artistic talent in that family......

      that's so cool about meeting Rob Stark! he has a nice demeanor I think :)

      that's going to be my new motto: 'everything is going to be better with fairy toast'

  2. That book looks lovely!

    I want to make a book destination yard sign! Maybe after we rebuild the fairy house. Thanks for the link love. I actually saw the Downton finale, despite hardly watching the show at all this season. I'll catch up someday. Have a beautiful weekend!

    1. oooh DO rebuild your fairy house! it was so awesome!

  3. Oh no. What's up with the puppy? (sorry if I missed something)

    I love that Scandinavian home. I want all that lighting and all those chairs.

    How cute is little Donal?

    Oh how I love that post about the things kids want us to know. GREAT share.

    1. Nomi the puppy just requires a LOT of hands on/eyes on attention, ha ha ha! I get the most done during her naps! Donal is the CUTEST - he's like an adorable puppy, speaking of....:)

  4. Tell me about the awesome kitty cup in your Cool Stuff I Like photo, pretty please!! : ]

    1. hi Shari!! sometime last yr I thought I had a color pic of this cup in another post but by golly I can't seem to find it right now, oh well - anyhoo, it's a delightful little cup that was given to me by some very dear friends. It comes with a little lid on the top! I don't know where they got it but I'll try and find out :)

    2. Oh and I don't know if you're on Facebook, but I'll throw up a color version of the pic so you can see what it really looks like - I'm not Instagram yet, so if you want to see, you should stop by on Facebook! :)

  5. I miss your Friday Cool Posts so much Melissa! I don't mind more doll books! Please keep them coming LOL I like the writing on the wall very much. I want to do the same at home! Not sure I'll have the patience though! The Scandinavian home is just so beautiful and inspiring! Too bad all homes I know here are so cookie cutter to the same mold. There is no originality left! But it's fun to see how they manage the space so well. Looking forward to your next cool post!

    1. thank you for your sweet comments, my dear Cherie - I appreciate them so much!!