April 17, 2015

cool stuff i like

Happy Friday! Well, I was a little light on photo inspiration this week for today's post and I thought, you know, I'm just going to take a picture of the sink. And here's my sink. I didn't arrange it or move anything other than to rise off one blob of peanut butter. Our house is kind of a wreck right now, which usually freaks me out bigtime, but I'm strangely at peace about it, which is unusual for me! We just got done watching the series, 'The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt', which was adorable and cute and funny. It took me a few episodes to realize that each episode title had exclamation points, like 'Kimmy Rides a Bike!' or 'Kimmy Has a Birthday Party!'. I was amazed by this, because if I were writing a TV show, that's something I would totally do.

So today's list has exclamation points after everything, so that I can be just like the Kimmy show:

I want a pink bathroom!!

30 Minutes in the Life is a very cool new photography blog!

Donut muffins with cherry jam and scandi sugar!

I want to make these with the kiddo, sounds like an art project I can do!

Read this!


Julia is so excited about this show!

I'm obsessed too!

Remember this post from last year? Kate's work is EVERYWHERE now!!! Strong is the new pretty!

A 3D Suncatcher for kids!! This is so darling!!! And looks easy to do!

CRAZY excited for this movie!

Cool Book of the Week: Now I have to switch gears and get all serious. I've often wondered how I should profile 'Mandy' by Julie Andrews Edwards (yes that one). I'll probably do a standalone post about it as well, but after watching 'The Sound of Music' a few days ago with Julia for the first time, and because I re-read 'Mandy' every few years or so, I thought it was time to mention it on the blog. This sweet sweet sweet story. Easily one of the great favorites of my childhood. So quietly charming. They just don't make books this lovely anymore, I'm convinced. If you haven't read this story about a little orphan girl who discovers a lonely cottage and makes it her very own secret source of refuge and delight.....you must seek this one out. It's the type of old fashioned book that speaks to your soul. I'm going to get a new copy for Julia soon because my own copy is so trashed! Best for ages 8-12.

Have a lovely weekend! The time has come for us to address the wreck of our neglected backyard but I'm not stressed about it. I'm actually looking forward to pulling weeds and getting things ready to plant. My mom gave me a butterfly garden seed mix for Easter and I'm telling you - the dump and grow lazy method of gardening is so perfect for me.



  1. OMG She Sheds! Want all of them.

    1. YES YES YES! Seriously, I need to make one of these happen in my life someday.

  2. Oh those leggings! Love!!

    1. aren't those fun? I think that's the coolest idea for a project!

  3. I want a She Shed, too!!!! This exists: http://savethepinkbathrooms.com/ I'm reminded of how much I want to own The Wes Anderson Collection. And yes, I keep seeing everyone repost the Strong is the New Pretty photography, and I think, Melissa told us about that first! HAHA! Happy Weekend, my friend.

    1. whoa - i'll have to check out the pink bathrooms!!! and Kate totally went viral over the past 2 weeks! so awesome. I was SO clever to get her on the blog last year HA HA HA! tee hee. Happy weekend my darling!!

  4. I LOVE Mandy! I think Julie Andrews Edwards is a great author (as well as great at everything else she does!)

    1. Oh Georgia, I'm so glad you love it too! It's the sweetest book in the world! Julia A. is so amazing!!!

  5. I just finished UKS. SO cute. So addictive. I totally binge watched it.

    I didn't realize it had exclamation points either. Ha!

    I want your sink rack. It appeals to me for some reason.

    Cute pink bathroom. I have a pink kitchen. One of these days I totally need to share it.

    I'm so glad tie dye is coming back. I've never stopped loving it.

    Whoa. That article to the parents of teenagers is sobering. I wish she would give some advice as to how to stay with it and involved though. SOooo glad I have years before the girls are that age.

  6. Your flowers are amazing btw.

  7. you have a pink bathroom??? I want to see!!!!!!!!!!!!!