April 24, 2015

cool stuff i like

Happy Friday! I have a lilac!!! ONE lilac bloom! (and one mini lilac bloom which is still growing). For those of you who follow along with my wacky hijinks on Facebook (they aren't that wacky and they aren't really hijinks), you got a preview of my lilac. I'm tremendously excited because I've been trying to get this lilac tree to produce something for the past 5 years. And at my old house, I had a lilac bush that was in total shade, and it was very healthy and nice looking greenery that never made a single lilac bloom. In this area at this time of year, lilacs grow everywhere like weeds and it makes me pea green with envy. I finally got my lilac (after transplanting it from location in our yard to another) in a spot with enough sun that there might be hope for it after all. I'M SO DELIGHTED.

Other things I found delightful this week:

What a cool idea for a cookbook!

Why we loved Gilbert Blythe. all the yesses.

A book list for every decade in the 20th century. Hot dog, Erica is so amazing!!

Now this is a smoothie. 

I would like to get these bunny plates and have a tea party with them.

Paris in the springtime. 

You have GOT to see this stunning new picturebook, coming this May.

I love snack cakes! Peanut butter snack cake and Oatmeal raisin snack cake.

Tasha Tudor's garden.

I had NO idea that the secret to successfully working from home involves these items. #awesome #scandi #dosfamily

Cool Book of the Week: Did you see my ninja spy stroll through the bookstore? Here's another one I spied. 'Peppa Pig and the Great Vacation'. Have you ever watched the show? Julia and I used to watch it and we loved it so much! The British accents! The snorting!! So adorable. And so is this picturebook that details Peppa's family seaside holiday, while her granny and grandpa take care of Peppa's pet goldfish. Toddlers and young preschoolers will love, even if they're aren't already familiar with Peppa!

Have a lovely weekend! Our weather can't quite decide what to do with itself. It's supposed to be wet and maybe thunderstormy. I've just realized that Mother's Day is right around the corner and I have no idea what to get my mom or my mom-in-law. I seriously don't know what to give these ladies! Neither one is as into tea and jam as I am. ????



  1. Melissa, I just loved that article about Gilbert Blythe! I need to get that mini series and watch it again... it's been way too many years! And I must, must get the books for my big girl. I remember absolutely loving them - and loving Gilbert - when I was a girl. xoxo

    1. I seriously need to own the movies. And I need a whole new set b/c I don't have mine anymore. I think the day Julia reads these books will be one of the happiest days of my life!

      Do you remember in 'Anne of the Island', when she finally accepts him? It still makes my knees feel weak!

  2. So sad about Gilbert. Mr. B and I bonded over how much we loved watching the old Annes, back in the day. (Yes, he watched it, too.) I've been eagerly awaiting the new O'Leary/Morstad book for ages. I have the activity kit bookmarked, ready to go! My sister has lilacs. I want a flowering tree or bush, but have not idea where to put one on our city lot, without digging something else up. I miss Peppa! Once in a while, Little Sis wants to watch her again, so I see what I can find on YouTube. The episodes come and go there, but it's something. Have a beautiful weekend!

    1. I love that your husband has seen them! I'm going to make Andrew watch someday. He doesn't understand 'what's up with those books' and he also thinks LM Montgomery was a 'one trick pony' with her orphan themed books. %%$&*@! He says these things to make my blood pressure rise! I'm giving my lilac fresh water every day and making a new small cut every other day, so as to prolong it! My one lilac bloom! I love it so!!!

  3. Probably goes without saying that I, too, love snacking cakes. Those look heavenly.



    1. i'm wondering if i pinned these - off to double pin!

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    1. aren't they the cutest?? they're the cutest. :)