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April 16, 2015

Over spring break, we had a Yes Day. Or rather, the kiddo had a yes day. I had a day of saying yes. IT WAS VERY HARD FOR ME. I was always asking and second guessing her by saying, 'Are you sure about that? Is that really what you want to do? Are you sure you don't really want to do this instead?' My kiddo had to tell me to take a chill. That's also VERY HARD FOR ME.

Anyway, our yes day was very nice and I highly recommend them. As long as plane tickets or buying puppies or rodents aren't involved. Basically, as I suspected, what my kiddo really wanted was a day of my focused attention, and the emphasis was on fun activities she wanted to do with me, as opposed to me taking her to Target to Buy Stuff. (we did go to a local toystore to buy Something Very Small - it turned out to be this thinking putty in an extra small size, which apparently is all the rage amongst her 3rd grade class.)

I've successfully and totally brainwashed my child into thinking that there are only two fun places to eat out for lunch - either a tea shop or conveyer belt sushi. She chose sushi. ALWAYS A GOOD CHOICE.

When we came home, she wanted to make a recipe from this 'Ever After High - Royals and Rebels' activity book, I apologize for not showing off the cover.

It's a super fun book that J got for Christmas, full of activities, games, recipes, and there are also places to draw and create.  Makes for a great present; it's going to be my new go-to birthday present for girls in the 7-9 range. I was very impressed by the recipe section - we made apple cupcakes and they were REALLY GOOD -  the only thing I would change is to maybe use a cream cheese frosting instead of the buttercream called for. Or just sprinkle some powdered sugar on top. The apple cake base was so good, it could totally stand alone, I thought the frosting was a bit overkill.

But then again, if we had left out the frosting, we wouldn't have had our fun tint-the-frosting apple red project. Because they were supposed to be 'Ruby Red Apple Cupcakes'. As you can see, we had white, pink and a gross looking red. Hurray! I'm not sure how to make red frosting look attractive.

 A big highlight of Julia's day was pretend playing with stuffies. I won't bore you with the great and enduring love my kid has for her stuffed animals, but I want you to know that it IS GREAT AND ENDURING. I've never seen anyone love stuffed animals like she does. I start hyperventilating when each holiday rolls around, because I know a new stuffy is coming to live in our house and we are maxed out. HELP ME BREAK THE CYCLE. Maybe I should start paying her to donate some of them??

 Then we watched 'The Sound of Music' for the very first time! (for her) She loved it. OF COURSE. Who doesn't? (don't tell me if you don't.) Andrew has never seen it. And he told me he doesn't think Rodgers & Hammerstein is as good as Rodgers & Hart. It's at times like that, I begin looking around for some kind of striking implement.....

Our yes day was very fun and I was super excited when it was over. Because anytime the word "well..." or "what if...." or "i'm not sure..." came out of my mouth, my kiddo would spout "YOU HAVE TO SAY YES!" Oh the zeal and thrill she had about that one. I think she loved that idea more than anything else about yes day!


  1. Sounds like a blast! I'm wondering how I could swing a "Yes Day" with multiple kids at once? It could be full of chaos......or maybe it would work, but they would all plot against me to achieve crazy goals.

    1. I went back and looked at the Yes Day article and it sounds like there was another kid involved in the equation, or maybe it was the 6 yr old and a smaller toddler or baby? Maybe toddlers and babies don't get a vote, ha ha ha! Or maybe they have to group coordinate (the kids) and work together (LOL) when thinking of what they want their yes activities to be.......

  2. So very cute. The apple cupcakes sound yummy! I could have a happy yes day with my oldest. My youngest would be scary, though. I can imagine how much she'd take advantage of us. She's a little bit evil.

    1. the apple cupcakes, I'm telling you, I will be making those again, with no frosting - for lunch box treats! and they had another recipe for Apple, Cheddar and Caramelized Onion Pizzettes, which I guess are mini pizza thingys - anyway those sound really good too! I'd LOVE to witness what Lil Sis would dream up - I feel like you guys might wind up in Tibet or the South Pacific on an island of dolls or something ha ha ha! :)

  3. How totally glorious!
    I'm so proud of you.
    I loved reading about what she picked.
    So do you think you'll make this a regular thing?

    1. that's a really good question - it was a really positive experience! i think....maybe every few months or so? so it doesn't lose 'special' status :) i'd definitely like to do it again!

    2. Right right. That's what I was thinking.


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