April 27, 2015

shrewbettina's birthday

I have a sweet treat for you today! I saw 'Shrewbettina's Birthday' by John S. Goodall in a used bookstore not long ago and the $3 price tag was calling to me - I've seen this around online and always thought it looked like a charming confection of a book. And it is!

What I didn't realize is that it's wordless. I'm not usually huge on wordless books, but when the art is this detailed and gorgeous, I'm plenty happy to just gaze at the pictures and follow along!

The book is a small, wee treasure trove. Each page has a section that you can lift up to see more of the story. As the book begins, we see Miss Shrewbettina as she wakes up in the morning - please notice the ever so delightful alarm clock on the wall.

Shrewbettina has her breakfast. Look at her wee table! I want a little brown teapot just like it.

She goes out for a morning sojourn and a dastardly VILLAIN steals her handbag. It's not a purse. It's a handbag.

But then our delightful missy makes the acquaintance of a handsome gentleman, who not only rescues her handbag from the Dastardly Villain, but then accompanies her to the general store to purchase essentials for....what? A party maybe? A soiree of some kind? The anticipation is DELIGHTFUL.

It's a birthday party!

There's dinner, dancing and cake! You know what sounds fun? Old fashioned parties sound fun. Parties with pretty dresses, swirling dances, games, and sugared fruits. I hate parties nowadays. They are so, so dull. Is anyone out there having fantastic parties? What do you do? I really think the only good party that suits me now are garden parties and tea parties.

After the revelry, Shrewbettina takes herself off to bed. What a big day for a little shrew. So much cake. Purse (handbag!) snatching thieves. Frills and bonnets and plumes!

I've mentioned soooooooooo many times that we have an Official Book Problem. Our bookshelves are bursting at the seams and at this point, I am very, very, VERY picky about what I actually buy to come live in our home. I donate and cull the books regularly. But this is one that I had to have and I'll be keeping it in my permanent collection. It's just so utterly enchanting!

*John Goodall wrote several wordless, illustrated children's books - I'll show you another one on my Friday post later this week.


  1. Awww, this is so sweet! Beautiful illustrations.The one where she meets the kind gentleman... LOVE.

    1. isn't that amazing?? I hated to B&W anything from this colorful bouquet of a book but there was something so timeless about him walking her down the road, I felt the STRONG need to B&W it! :)