May 1, 2015

cool stuff i like

Happy Friday and Happy May Day! Some of you might have already seen this pic on my photography page, but it seemed especially appropriate for today. Plus I was having a hard time getting a picture ready for today and I didn't think I could take another picture of my sink. I like to imagine little fairies like to dance in the tiny cluster of wild daisies!

There were so many lovely things to see this week:

Chamomile and Honey buttermilk scones.

Love this idea. 

I'm so intrigued by this notion of adult uniforms. Also discussed here.

A bioluminescent pet! 

This is adorable.

I was in a dire dinner making rut and this book is helping me climb out of it, I love it!

Chocolate tea cake.

Love this little creative corner! - and you can find the house boxes here.

Hunters of the Great Forest looks super adorable.

Loved this post - I was reading the titles of the books upsidedown trying to figure out what Darcy's girls are reading!

I've been obsessed with this wall color for years - I want this in my bedroom.

Cool Book of the Week: Remember my wordless book post from earlier in the week? Here's another by the same author! 'Creepy Castle'. LOVE the title. The art looks as enchanting, and the story about some mice venturing into an old castle, while being tailed by quote "a villainous outlaw" - well this sounds as adorable as 'Shrewbettina's Birthday'! I also REALLY want to see 'Naughty Nancy Goes to School'.

Have a lovely May weekend! Nomi the puppy learned how to jump into our retaining wall area which means a whole new level of discovery for her and a whole new level of destruction and mess for us. Hurray?



  1. I like the way you think. Dancing in the wild daisies. Lovely picture.

    I loooove the uniform idea. Seriously, if I was working right now I would seriously consider it. Why not? It's brilliant!

    Side note: the little bow tie thing she adds really makes the outfit. Darling.

    I don't know how I came up with dinner ideas before Pinterest. Seriously.

    OMG I want that little pet!

    1. Thank you sweet lady! And yes the bow tie!! It totally makes the outfit!!! (I want the little light up pet too - I think it would be less work than my dog!!)

  2. omg, I LOVE YOU for linking to my tea cake! You're the best.

    And thank you for introducing us to ginger lilly tea. What a GORGEOUS blog that Keri-Anne has. Wow.



    1. isn't it amazing and dreamy?? they must live by some amazing forest!!