May 15, 2015

cool stuff i like

Happy Friday! How do you like these crazy carrots?? Look at the top row -- they're purple on the outside and orange in the middle! Can someone explain that to me? How does that happen? You'd think these lovely colors would have made a beautiful carrot soup, which is what I did with these lovelies. But you'd be wrong. My soup looked like sludgy greyish purple goo. It tasted just like my normal soup, but the color was so appalling it made the whole thing very unappealing. Also, the purple carrots stained my cutting board. I think I SHAN'T get any more purple carrots.

Things I found for the shares this week:

This recipe looks lovely and springy.

No way to articulate how happy this news makes me.

Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake.

Here's an interesting article about 'Twin Peaks' (which Andrew and I are currently re-watching).

Fairy tale chapter books.

When this book comes out, it will be my go-to present for tiny tots!

A kids' room at Grandma's house.

Really cute looking early chapter book series.

Blue things.

Really want this cookbook. 

I would give almost anything to have a beautiful little film like this of my daughter when she was tiny!

Cool Book of the Week: I got 'A Perfect Day for a Picnic' by Tori Finch about a year ago, and it's one of my favorite cookbooks to look at. Have I already talked about it? No idea. Those of you who regularly hang out here with me might guess what I'm going to say next -- Haven't made one thing from it!! But I greatly enjoy the book, the recipes, and the lovely photos done by Georgia Glynn-Smith. This summer I'm actually going to make something from it! Like Basil, Mozzarella and Orzo Salad. Or the Gooey Triple Chocolate Brownies. There are ten different themes of picnics - like a 'Woodland Walk Picnic', a 'Bike Ride' picnic, a 'Vintage Garden Party' picnic, and a 'Teddy Bears' Picnic' just to name a few. Super delightful!

Have a lovely weekend! Did spring just FLY by for you? It seems to have FLOWN by. I feel totally and completely unprepared for summer to begin in about a month! I'm totally missing my Project 52 series, and I'm thinking of doing a 100 Days of Summer photo series - I think I need to set up an Instagram account for something like that.



  1. Um, yes you do need to set up an Instagram account. Please. Excellent list, we've just discovered the different color carrots and had the same thought process- Cool! How did that happen! Wait, look at the cutting board. Eek!

    1. yah seriously they stain more than beets! someone should make carrot dyed shirts!!

  2. I'm crying from that video. Seriously? Wow.

    That book about what you can be is AMAZING and will be my go-to for new little ones, too. Glad we don't live tooooo close together so I can steal that idea from you.

    That cookbook is gorgeous.

    Okay, now, purple carrots. These are excellent in salad of butter lettuce with feta cheese and lemon-herb vinaigrette, but they are rather stainy. Ugh.

    Thank you for the inspiration.



    P.S. Every time I see anything from Dinner: a Love Story, I know I need to change the name of my blog (a complete accident) but I can't come up with anything else and I'm too busy to deal with it! More ugh.

    1. yep. my cutting board, where I photo pretty much everything for the blog, has little purple stains on it, aaaaaagh!!

  3. I don't think I could handle that video, so I'm not going to try right now. Sorry.

    I put those circus chapter books on Little Sis's wish list as soon as I saw that post! Love the fairy tale list. Excited for The X-Files, too, although I should probably watch the ones I missed, and hope I'm not too confused. I started Twin Peaks once, but didn't get too far. No reason. I need to start over sometime. But only after Battlestar Galactica, which is currently my favorite show ever. (We just started season 3.) Hooray for watching shows that are over and not worrying about commercials and cliffhangers and stuff!

    1. I didn't watch the last half of the last season of X-Files, I should do it! No idea how the series even ended! I watched all of Twin Peaks in college. I was so excited for each new episode, and now upon re-watching, I'm like, this show is a CARTOON, it's so crazy and ridiculous! Mostly I marvel at Lara Flynn Boyle's lovely original face, which she ruined with a ton of insane plastic surgery. Why????????

    2. Uh, yes. It's sad. I like to think of her as looking like she did in Threesome. And yes, I was struck by how whackadoodle the whole show was. I think that's why I didn't jump back in and finish the season. I do want to at some time, though. Apparently David Lynch just came back to the new series.

    3. YES! now I can be excited again. The end of the original series was the biggest writing meltdown I've ever seen. It's like the writers just thought....I have no idea how to end this. Let's just make up one crazy nonsense idea after another and throw it all at the wall! ha

  4. I hear ya.
    They're lovely but it's funny how certain colors are more appetizing to us.
    They might be good in a salad.

    LOVE the blue rug.

    That book is darling!

    What a sweet video. You're making me think I should make some.

    1. I am telling you - if I had known something like that existed - getting someone to make a sweet video of tiny tots like that, ooooooooh. Our videos are just AWFUL and poor quality and terrible. And yet I treasure them. It's all I've got. You should totally look into something like that for your tiny tots!!!