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May 8, 2015

Happy Friday, my lovelies! Look, more of my origami garland! Going to be a bit shorter with my list this week because I'm just PLUMB TIRED. And so befuddled that I locked myself out of my car at a parent organization meeting at my kiddo's school. That was embarrassing. I think next year for Mother's Day, I might make the request that I'd like to spend the entire day in bed watching movies. The only time I ever do that even a little is when I'm sick and then I'm usually too sick to enjoy the process. I'm going to start convincing the family (and the dog) that this should be a thing every couple of months. Bed Days! Speaking of Mother's Day, once again, I'm going to make the complaint that I have no idea what to get my mother and my mom-in-law. Neither one is that fond of tea or jam. That's a problem.

Here's what I managed to scrabble together this week:

Lovely ideas in this post.

This is the only thing I asked for as a Mother's Day present.

I must have this book! 

Would you like to try a framble?

Do you know the blog Frolic? It's delightful and I've followed it throughout the years. I loved this recent post about wallpaper and the post about artist Sara Midda's latest book.  

I'll always have a place in my heart for Shabby Chic. 

Coming-of-age stories for girls. (thanks Allison!)

Saveur's best rhubarb recipes.

Gender neutral nurseries. (we're not having anymore babies, but some of you out there might!)

Cool Book of the Week: 'Steeped: Recipes Infused with Tea' by Annalies Zijderveld is a beauty and after my success with my jasmine tea cookies, I really want to make more things with tea. Like, sweet tea jelly, green tea coconut rice and chai pumpkin bread. If you're struggling with a gift for Mother's Day, you might want to think of this one if you have a tea loving mom! I've seen this in person and it's really gorgeous and has amazing looking recipes.

Have a lovely weekend and hey all you sweet mamas out there ~ have a wonderful Mother's Day ~ I have a Mother's Day photo session on Saturday and I'm so excited to capture the love between this mama and her three sweet girls!



  1. Oh dear. I didn't lock my keys in my car this week but I did take what felt like half an hour to park yesterday. With what felt like a million cars behind me waiting to see if I could fit into the spot. Which, in the end I didn't and my friend had to park for me. Did you ever read that blog post (cannot remember where I saw it!) about a family who moved to Ibiza and said they had to drive a lot but there was NO TRAFFIC and NO PARKING PROBLEMS. Bliss!

    1. Lucy I swear I almost did it again today! I don't know what's in the air! And I think if I totaled up the amount of time I've spent in my life looking for my keys --- we'd be talking weeks, MONTHS of my life. I'm convinced that if I were ever sent to a dark underworld of some kind, I would be spending eternity searching for my keys, LOL.

  2. Hey, anytime, Sister. And I'm going to start baking from Saveur's rhubarb post pretty much immediately. Love the wallpaper, too! Always learning from you!

    1. my mom in law makes a rhubarb custard pie that's awesome and we haven't had one this year yet - I think I need to get her to make one or figure it out for myself - rhubarb time is now!!!

  3. I locked my keys in the car when I drove an hour and a half to see Sarah McLachlan in March. I didn't realize it until I got back to the car, and it was freezing outside. I called AAA, but the guy never came and I had to call them back. It was in the teens or colder by the time the police came to help me. I need to never do that again!

    Frolic looks like something I will need to follow. I still love Shabby Chic, too. A Mighty Girl is one of my most favorite things. I haven't had rhubarb since my Oklahoma family started dying and/or fighting, and family get-togethers ceased. Sigh.

    I'm hungry now.

    1. ok your story just scared the weebles out of me and I must never ever lock my keys in again!!!! ha ha ha

  4. I just found several rhubarb plants growing on our new property, I can't wait to try out some yummy rhubarb recipes! Strawberry rhubarb pie is my very favorite thing to eat.

    1. you just FOUND some rhubarb? Like, on accident? That's so AWESOME! what a happy surprise! :)

  5. I keep wanting to explore the land of rhubarb.

    SO with you on Shabby Chic which is basically why I worked it into both my girl's rooms.

    Sign me up for a framble.

    1. I made a framble over the wkend - I think I did it wrong - it tasted like scrambled eggs, ha!


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