May 19, 2015

Hamlet and The Tales of Sniggery Woods

This is another one of those books that I've been meaning to share with you all....for the last THREE YEARS. I don't know where the time goes.

Have any of you seen 'Hamlet and the Tales of Sniggery Woods' by Maggie Kneen? Guess what. It's delightful. Old fashioned charm and there's a darling piece of art on every single page. And the book is kind of smallish-sized, which makes it extra sweet. Because mini-sized anything is adorable. Like mini cookies. Or mini cakes. Why FOR ALL THE WORLD'S PANCAKES (that's my version of a swear) aren't there mini Twinkies??? I would eat an entire box of mini Twinkies.

This book is kind of the perfect storm of awesome for me because it has the trifecta of amazing art, a storyline about FOOD, and it's precious and quaint. I like things that are precious and quaint and I won't apologize for that. (I realize that no one's asking me to, but if anyone was....well I won't! It's ok to like precious and quaint! I'm going to be the cutest little old lady in the whole world someday. Actually Andrew would say that I'm already a little old lady.)

What's super cute is that this little book has ONLY THREE CHAPTERS. That's it! I will tell you what they are: 'Hamlet's Pantry', 'Bee Juice' and 'King Heron's Birthday'. It's the sweetest thing in the world for the preschool and kinder set.

The rundown on the story is this - little Hamlet loves food. He oh so fortunately finds a lucky horseshoe, which then leads to Hamlet inheriting his uncle's rundown cafe. Even though he has no clue as to what he's about, he lines up friends and neighbors and relatives to assist him. After getting the cafe ready (IN ONE DAY), Hamlet realizes that the cafe-next-door has more business than he does. But the King of the little village (oh, Hamlet used to be the King's gardener, so they're best buddies) takes pity on him and goes to the cafe for lunch. Instant clientele!

Then two seconds later, Hamlet decides to also open a COOKERY school in the cafe. (they totally call it a 'cookery' school.) Or maybe the cafe BECOMES the cookery school? I have no idea. It doesn't matter. It's all so cute. The last chapter has something to do with making cakes for the King's birthday party. And the cakes turned out to be pies. But the King was delighted anyway. Hurray!

Did you see the map up above? There's a darling map at the back of the book. I love maps. You guys should totally get 10 copies of this book and hand them out like candy to any and all kids that you like. IT'S AS AWESOME AS CANDY.

I didn't think sweet little books like this were created anymore. They are.


  1. Oh how CUTE!!!! I have to find this one...

    1. you would loooooooooooove it! it's in my permanent collection. i'll never let it go!

  2. I know my four-year-old would love this. I know I would love this!!

    1. oh you would! it's so darling! I'm as enchanted with it now as I was the day that I got it. :)

  3. This looks adorable. Also, you crack me up.


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