June 5, 2015

cool stuff i like

Happy Friday my lovelies! Fun (?) fact - You know when I begin my Friday posts? Immediately after a previous one runs. I think once I had two draft lists running concurrently. If I wait too long to work on them, then I'm sitting in a panic on Thursday night with two items on my list. So I work on them here and there all week long. YES THAT'S A GOOD USE OF MY TIME. (I don't know to whom I'm saying that, but I felt the need to say it.) Oh once again, I must remind you that if you're not following along with me on Instagram, you're missing some jolly good fun. Actually you're missing my breakfasts and my tea, because I caught on in about 2.5 seconds that what people want to see on Instagram is a whole lot of FOOD. It's the food channel! Food, food, and more food. And if not food, then flowers.

This is an amazing story.

Chocolate Ovaltine Snacking Cake.

For those who didn't see this news on Facebook - A NEW JUDY BLUME BOOK. (it's for grownups)

Cookie salad. 

Love these tea towels!

I'm in a full tizzy waiting to see this movie.

And I just found out about 'When Marnie Was There'! Never even heard of it! It's based on this 1967 book. I must read it and also I'll see anything Studio Ghibli makes. 

10 picture books set in Paris.

Do we all need this coloring book? I think I do. Saw it mentioned here on one of my favorite blogs.

Subscription boxes for kids. (thanks Julia!)

I seriously need a WALL of bookshelving.

This interview was hilarious and delightful."I'm not an animal."

Cool Book of the Week: 'Alice in Wonderland'. Hey look it's another one! Did you all see my roundup of 'Alice' books earlier in the week? And did you see my own copy of 'Alice' on Instagram? Anyhoo...I love the way this version looks as well! That's some way cool art.

Have a LOVELY weekend! We're supposed to be in for a sunny, hot weekend, but I might be spending it inside talking to camera store folks to figure out how to work the vintage film 35mm camera I got in an antique store a few weeks ago. I already ordered film for it, so I'm committed to figuring it out! I'm hoping to take Julia pix with it this summer.



  1. I want that coloring book! awesome links this week - thanks!!

    1. I'm so frustrated that the 'Enchanted Forest' coloring book that I've been wanting for months is perpetually out of stock on Amazon! I need to see if any local bookstores have it.

  2. I have another subscription box for you, not on that list: Happy Trunk. The girls got a subscription from a friend for Christmas, and it comes with crafts and science experiments. They LOVE it. I want all the grown-up coloring books. I won't get to see When Marnie Was There until it hits DVD, because I live in too small a market. GKids never brings movies here. Sigh. It may be Studio Ghibli's last movie, as they have been on hiatus since Miyazaki retired. I want to see Macbeth, too! That Alice looks beautiful. Did you see Pinocchio under that? Lovely tea towels. I love that you're on Instagram! Hope you have a beautiful weekend, friend! xoxo

    1. Happy trunk! I love the sound of that! I'll totally look into that. I'll prolly have to wait for the DVD of that Marnie movie as well - unless some art house theater in Seattle shows it sometime. I know, I was surprised! B/c I thought Studio Ghibli was done after that Princess Kaguya movie! But I'm happy that's for sure! I did see the Pinnochio, that looks so cool as well! Instagram has replaced blogging in my heart, ha ha ha! Until the novelty wears off. It's making me learn how to use my camera phone more! xoxoxo

  3. Thanks for the shout out! Also, I looked at the coloring book and want to get one. I LOL'd when I saw there are "used" versions as well. Ha! Nothing worse than a half filled coloring book! I also want walls of books. Full stop.

    1. HA HA HA are there really? didn't even see that. that's hilarious!

  4. The story you like to on Ella Woodward is timely because my poor mom can't come to Lulu's preschool graduation today because her arthritis is so bad. Mom just told me she's going Paleo and Ella has tons of paleo recipes so this is great.

    On a lighter note, THOSE TEA TOWELS. Aaack! In PINK.

    Everyone should have a library, dontcha think?




    1. isn't that such a wild story about Ella?? good for her! also, she's GORGEOUS with a capital G! hope your mama feels better soon! the big A runs in my family. :(

  5. Dear Melissa! I love all your Friday posts! I am so glad you have joined Instagram! I adore seeing your pictures pop up everyday on my screen! You know what else is on IG a lot? Dolls! ;-)

    I have recently gone on a shopping spree of coloring books. I don't know why since I hardly have time to color anything but they are just so lovely to look at, even without colors!

    I want my bookshelves to look like those bookshelves but I really don't have space LOL Everything is crammed up!

    What exactly do you do with a tea towel?

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. well if you're me, you use tea towels to use in photographing your food recipes ha ha ha - it's a fancy way of saying 'dishtowel' basically! only I find the pretty ones don't really absorb water that well. but they look so pretty!

      you need to tell me some awesome Instagram accounts that feature awesome stuff and cool dolls! send me an email pretty please??

      i know, i thought that about the bookshelves - oh how nice and artfully arranged they are. Mine would be piled high with too many books!!