June 19, 2015

cool stuff i like

Happy Friday! My lavender journey continues as you can see. We're having a great start to summer so far - J and I went to the library and I felt so happy because it reminded me of how much time we spent there when she was a toddler. We would go all the time when she was about 3 and 4 years old. I'd bring home a stack of 20 picture books, and that would last us maybe a week. I really can think of few places that are as awesome as libraries. I would have said, the Hello Kitty store, but it CLOSED, the one at our local mall. But that's ok because someday soon, I just know it, I'll get to go to the Hello Kitty cafe in California, and I'll probably videotape the whole experience and try and live-blog it on Twitter. Is that even possible????

Lovely finds this week:

A lovely post from a lovely blog.

Really darling Scottish cottage!

And tiny house villages. 

I think this tea from Bellocq is going to be my next tea acquisition.

I'm following several on this list.

For those of you (and me!) who were waiting for the 'Enchanted Forest' coloring book to become available again at Amazon - it's back in stock!

Hummingbird cake.

LOVE this idea - a moonlight garden.

This looks like the perfect summer pasta salad. 

Crazy pasta sculptures - this would be fun for a variety of age ranges.

Cool book of the Week: 'Pat of Silver Bush' by my beloved L.M. Montgomery. This one is a treat I bought for myself - I've been on a (slow) quest since last fall to make my way through the other writings by the author of the 'Anne of Green Gables' series. A young girl who has spent her whole life in a much loved old-fashioned house on Prince Edward Island copes with various life changes that follow her from the ages of 8 to 18. I love it already. I'm also collecting the books of the 'Emily of New Moon' series, I've got one more to go! Although there is nothing like 'Anne', I am totally LOVING these other heroines in L.M. Montgomery's other works.

Have a lovely weekend! And a happy Father's Day to my sweet Andrew, who makes Julia and I laugh every day of our lives.



  1. Ooo, enjoy your book! I want to live in a pretty Scottish cottage! However, as adorable as the tiny house village is, I'm afraid I would be too claustrophobic. And as wrong as it may be, I love my stuff. I mean, where would I put my books??? My mother was introduced to hummingbird cake when she lived in Georgia. She and my brother and stepdad loved it, but I was afraid it would be too coconutty for my tastes. Lovely garden. Pasta salad is one of my summer go-to dishes. :) Happy Midsummer!

    1. Hello darling! Happy midsummer! It's just in a few days right? I feel like I should be doing something special for it, like making a fairy potion or something ha ha ha. I'm in agreement - as much as I greatly admire the tiny houses that are cropping out there - WHERE DO ALL THE BOOKS GO????? I do not like big houses, they make me feel uncomfortable, and I prefer a cozier environment, but book storage is definitely a thing with us! See, I always shied away from Hummingbird cakes because I thought they would be too pineapple-ish, but this one with the banana cake base -- that sold me!!! xoxo