June 17, 2015

lavender and lace

Dear friends! I recently did a little photo project with some photography friends, and this was the result - a little still life with a tiny bit of vintage lace and the prettiest peach colored glass bottle and some lavender. Funny thing with the lavender - I bought a new plant because I wanted to try my hand at growing it again, after my original backyard lavender bush died. And then out of the blue, two days later my mother brought over two lavender plants she had dug up from her yard. And then out of the blue again, another day later - two more mini lavender plants showed up on my doorstep! A delightful present from a lovely friend.

So are we counting lavender plants yet? Because by my count, I'm now the proud owner of FIVE lavender plants. I went from zero to five in three days! Isn't that the funniest thing? All coincidentally!

I'm not sure where in the yard I should put them - my last lavender bush was not in a sunny enough spot, don't lavender plants like a lot of sun?

And in a couple of weeks, a neighbor of mine who occasionally sells teas - she's having a lavender themed tea gathering. She makes her own lavender soaps and lavender water sprays as well. I'm not sure what the meaning of all this heavy infusion of lavender in my life is all about, but I'm pretty sure there's a cosmic meaning to it all. By the by - when I was nine years old, same age as Julia - lavender was my favorite color in the whole wide world. I still think it's the prettiest name for one of the prettiest colors. I've been trying, unsuccessfully, to pitch to my husband for years that we should paint our bedroom a smoky grey lavender color, but he seems unconvinced. ???? Life is too short to settle for builder's beige, I believe.


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    1. thank you Dana!! i got into a hypnotic trance taking these photos, lol :)

  2. I have never grown lavender. I really wish I was better at keeping plants.

    1. me too!! anything that survives with me is very lucky and very hardy! i'm glad you like the pix :) - i have the utmost respect for those people who do food and product styling cuz that biz is HARD!!