June 24, 2015


I say it every.single.year. How can it be both the beginning of summer, and also Midsummer? (according to Scandinavian tradition) Can anyone be helpful and explain this to me?

The kiddo was gracious and kind (and PAID) enough to do a little session with me, so that I could have some pretty new photos to make into little albums for the grandparents. Blogger is seriously not a good platform for displaying photos at a quality resolution, and it takes even more of a hit when I squeeze photos into a collage (Hi Squarespace! I'm looking to move this blog over to you!) but you get the idea here. We were going for a little-fairy-girl-in-the-meadow type of vibe.

It's been a bit quiet out there in blogland. I'd love to know what your summer plans are! Reading, playing, eating. You know my motto - sharing is caring. I've spent the past few days de-spidering our play structure, so that we could sit up in the loft portion of it and play a lot of of two person Catan Junior. That game is seriously fun, even though Julia wipes the floor with me. She and her neighborhood pals have been spending a lot of time sending secret notes to each other in little handmade mailboxes that they've set up in various backyards. It's totally adorable.

There's been aurora borealis activity around here lately, but I wasn't able to go out looking - but oh how I want to! It's on my bucket list, bigtime. The weather is supposed to get hot and stay that way for awhile - but there might be a thunderstorm coming in a few days. In my book, it's not a good summer unless there's at least one thunderstorm and an opportunity to watch some lightening. I know that's scary biz for dry forests, but I do love to hear thunder.

Hey summer reading for grownups club members out there! I haven't forgotten you! I have Some Books. That post will be up next Monday! I've been really unlucky with my last three books - I'm just slogging painfully and laboriously through them (i abandoned one altogether) - I'm so hoping that some of the books I have on my summer list will be fun to go through, because I just could not get into the past few things I've read.


  1. I love these photos Melissa!

  2. I want to see the Northern Lights too, but we live in town and I think the lights are just too bright. My sister, who lives in the country, is on standby to send me a text if she sees them, so I can make an effort. I will even pull my kids out of bed to see them!

    The pictures are lovely - even if the model demanded payment =)

    1. ha ha ha, i don't even try and negotiate anymore, I just start throwing $ at her......

  3. Beautiful pictures! I heard some talk that the Northern Lights were even visible this far south recently, but who knows. Someday, I long to see them! As for midsummer, I think it means the middle of the warm seasons (spring and summer), like midwinter is the middle of the colder seasons. Mr. B and I were just talking about that this weekend. :)

    It's just hot here. We had some rain a week and a half ago, but it's been a few weeks since we had a good Kansas thunderstorm. I hate heat. Hate it. Driving to Oklahoma in the morning (Thursday) to see my mother. Have a lovely couple of days! :)

    1. thank you thank you!!!! well that makes sense about the midsummer thingy, thank you for putting me out my existential midsummer misery!

      It's hot here too - we're hitting 90 in June, which hardly ever happens here. It's the warmest June on record. I think it's going to be a long hot summer. We'll be doing a major happy dance come fall, eh??


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