July 3, 2015

cool stuff i like

Happy Friday! My friends, it is TOO HOT. It's supposed to be 97 degrees this Sunday. That is TOO HOT. Now, you'd think I would be used to Very Hot Weather because I grew up in Hawaii, and yes, it is indeed hot there. But it's not NINETY-SEVEN DEGREES hot, and there are these lovely things called TRADE WINDS that help blow lovely ocean breezes all over you, and ALSO, I used to live up on a mountain, where there was a lot of perpetual overcast and mist, and it was VERY NICE and not so atrociously hot. You know what would be great? A sleeping porch. Does anyone out there have things like that anymore??

Things for you to peruse over the 4th of July weekend:

The perfect summer breakfast!

Great list - Kids' Audiobooks for the Road Trip. 

Speaking of road trips, this Lately Lily travel suitcase of games sounds adorable.

Hula Pie.

Want to see a summer wedding in the English countryside? (yes you do!)

Um, ok. So I've totally heard about this blog here and there for years. WHY have I not been reading?? Fantastic! Mega love.

I thought this was a lovely read.

Pretty sure I've linked to this before but it bears repeating - 4th of July Luminarias. You could make a different design for other times in the summer and also for the fall. You could even draw fairies on them if you wanted to,

I took Heather's winter workshop and loved it - now there's a summer version!

Marrakesh Sangria. I don't have any of these ingredients, but it sounds delightful.

Well since I'm taking my sweet time in getting my summer book list up (it might be an autumn list, ha) - here are 53 Books You Won't Be Able to Put Down. 

Cool Book of the Week: Well I just talked about that Lately Lily suitcase up above in my list, and look, there's also a book! 'Lately Lily: The Adventures of a Travelling Girl' by Micah Player (whose retro-yet-modern art style I truly adore). An awesome picturebook for the preschool through Grade 1 set that follows a zingy gal named Lily as she travels the world with her best friend. And there's MORE besides the activity set and the book - a Lately Lily website and a line of darling clothes!

Have a lovely weekend! I'm really hoping that the villain who stole our chairs and carried them away at the 4th of July parade in our town last year isn't out prowling for chairs again this year. Can you believe? On the 4th of July! How unpatriotic. Flat out made up a story and told the nice people who had chairs set out next to us that it was ok for them to be carrying away our chairs. It was not ok. Andrew and I took turns searching high and low for these base scoundrels, but alas. They took those chairs and went into hiding somewhere.



  1. First of all -- I would LOVE a sleeping porch. OMG I would build one so fast. We are talking about remodel, maybe I'll put it on my must haves list...

    Also? Any books about traveling, kids traveling, families traveling? SOLD! Can't wait to get Harper her passport!

    1. I want a porch SO BADLY. Our house doesn't have a porch. I'd love to actually build one off the back of the house. You should check out my friend Erica's blog, What Do We Do All Day? She makes amazing book lists. And I KNOW she has to have one (or several) with a traveling theme!

  2. I love your 4th of July garland. I love Lately, Lily and Micah Player stuff so much. And yes, that breakfast looks lovely. :)

    1. (honestly - it looks better in this photo than it does in real life - it's cool but when it's hanging, the colors are a bit too subtle to really show up well on the wall where I have it!) :) :)

  3. Oh wow, must...find...that...book!