July 17, 2015

cool stuff i like

Happy Friday!! Sorry I missed last week. We were away for a few days, east of the mountains, where there have been a lot of wildfires during the recent heat wave. There was smoke and haze in the air nearly every day, and we saw a lot of scorched earth on the drive, but oh my goodness, the sunsets were spectacular. Forgive the extreme graininess, this was taken with my phone. When I got back, I quick scurried to find some online cool for us all to see this week:

Plum and Summer Berry Lavender Crisp. The prettiest food photos I've ever seen.

This space book for kids looks flat out amazing.

Raising iKids.

Interesting. And bummer.

I hope she finds it! And then explains to me how to get motivated again, because I stopped after 2 projects.

This movie just jumped onto my Must See list.

Summer Berry Breakfast Crisp.

A mac n' cheese for summer.

A site full of adorable things. The hedgehog headband set is on sale!

This is sweet. Preserving summer. 

Julia is way more into crafts than I am. I need inspiration and I've been eyeing this book for a while.

This post was lovely.

Cool Book of the Week: 'Nightbird' by Alice Hoffman (of 'Practical Magic' fame) is one that I've had pinned for awhile. But I really should pay more attention to my own Pinterest boards, because I plumb forgot all about it! Happily, my friend Danzel brought it to my attention again, and I decided it was time to bring this book aboard to take up more bookshelf space in the house. Best for grades 4-6, this tale follows the story of Twig, whose family was cursed by a witch long ago, forcing the male family members to hide because of an unusual affliction. When a new family moves into town, Twig finally makes some friends, but at the risk of her secret history being exposed. I really want to read this one! So I think Julia and I will dive into it together as a read-aloud.

Have a lovely weekend! With all of the heat we've been having, there are ton of plums and blackberries in the stores, stuff you usually don't see until August. I've yet to try a peach though. I announced very loudly in the store, TOTALLY managing to embarrass my child, that I refuse to even buy a peach until August, because it goes against the natural order of things to buy and eat peaches before then. (maybe I should relent and go try some???)



  1. Brooklyn looks incredible! With a screenplay by Nick Hornby, I feel confident it will be a good one!

    1. yeah!!! that's what sold me as well! and I love Saoirse Ronan!

  2. Thank you for the linky love! I really, really want Playful. It looks so fantastic. She has such a way with cardboard. Berry crisps are my most favorite thing to eat in the summer. I haven't decided to read Go Set a Watchman yet. If I do, it will probably be out of curiosity, to see where To Kill A Mockingbird came from, and I'll probably just check it out from the library. And ugh, that Natural Life site looks like it designed crap just for me. Want. Everything.

    1. Isn't that a great site? I actually didn't know that was the name of the company - I had bought the headband pack for J sometime last year, and the cat ate her favorite headband from it, she was seriously devastated - so I was searching online trying to find a new fox headband and lo and behold I find the actual place that made them! and they were on sale! Now they will kept out of reach of the cat. SIGH. We lead an interesting life with that cat.......#destroyerofeverything - The other day she was happily eating my pillowcase. Like anyone can afford, or wants to, replace their BEDDING on a regular basis? What? So mad.