July 31, 2015

cool stuff i like

Happy friday, my friends! Last weekend it rained. For 3 glorious days. Not all the time, but off and on, and it was cool and misty and did I mention glorious? I've never been so happy to see rain in all of my life! It was so wonderful! I can't wait for fall! I'm so done with summer. Summer would be great and all, with all that summer vacation biz and the not being cold and whatnot....but the HEAT. Sometimes I feel like summer is wasted on me because I can't really be out in strong sun for very long or I fry like a fritter. We haven't seen any thunderstorms yet this year, which makes me sad. We don't live in the right place for thunderstorms. Anyway, the bottom line is: I'm planning fall recipes I want to make.

Got an extra long list because I missed last week:

I'll follow anything named 'lunchlady'.

This was a fun read.

Baked S'mores.

This is my family.

This was also a fun read - thoughts on Irish summers.

Love this photo idea so much. (I'm toying with the idea of doing this with a film camera of some kind for a month. And since I'm trying to teach myself more about shooting film, the first batches of photos are certain to be very sh**** indeed.)

THIS BOOK - your summer reading for grownups. You can read more here.

Teen room decor. 

A YA fiction retelling of Macbeth? Sign me up.

Look at this nice dinner, complete with dessert.

A storybook Vermont farm. (Love the plaid sofa!!)

Iced Oatmeal Cookies. 

Cool Book of the Week: Did you all see my Pioneer Girl post? Well here's more behind-the-scenes Little House on the Prairie drama for you. Have I already talked about this? I feel like I have. Oh well, if I have, here it is again - 'A Wilder Rose' by Susan Wittig Albert is a book I read a couple of years ago, and it's fiction, but inspired by real life events and letters and conversations. It's the story of how Rose Wilder (Laura's daughter) came to edit the Little House books and how much she shaped them into the creations we know and love. And it delves into the fairly intense emotional relationship between Laura and Rose. It's a GREAT read, and if you're an adult fan of the books who wants 'more', you need to give this one your time.

Have a LOVELY weekend! We got most of J's school supply list tackled. I don't know about your Targets, if you have one nearby, but when Julia and I went into our local Target and saw the ROWS and BINS of school supplies, we freaked out. It's like a candy store, only filled with school supplies. The way it was all laid out - just beautiful. School supplies are glorious. And the things that are available now! Did you know you can get glittery, sparkly, wrapper thingys to wrap onto your pencils and make them all fancy?? Did you know that??



  1. I am so ready to start my fall cooking - I'm over cooking in the heat! Fall please, please hurry up and get here!

    1. can't get here soon enough for me. i have so many things I want to make and put on the blog!!

  2. Oh, Melissa, that photo!!!

    Love the Lunch Lady! And Design Mom and so many of your other hot tips!



    1. aaaah so glad you like!!! i knew about Lunchlady and then I forgot and then I found her again. If I could go back in time and wave a magic wand I would totally steal that name and call my blog that, b/c I think it's the coolest name ever, ha ha ha. You could have a blog about anything and still call it Lunchlady, that's how cool of a name it is.

  3. It is my goal in life to mother in the Netherlands. Thanks for making me ache that it's years away still.

    1. ha! i feel your pain. a MAJOR bucket item list for me is to spend an entire month or two in Scandinavia in the summer sometime......:)