August 20, 2015

cool stuff i like

Happy Friday! This is not my yard, or my fence. This is a pretty bit of meadow I saw on Bainbridge Island earlier in July. Doesn't it look very Anne of Green Gables-ish? I'm not sure how this summer keeps marching on. It's the endless summer. And it DID have a thunderstorm in it, but I was visiting friends in California and I missed it! It was devastating. Is your school supply shopping done? Ours in 90% done. I think I'm going to feel extra bereft when the girly goes back to school -- I feel like it's all going to hit me extra hard because she's nine and next year she's ten and I keep thinking that I began this blog when she was five (or was it four???) and that's just a bit too much for my brain to process.

Things I saw online that you should see too, if you haven't already:

 9 recipes from 'Little House on the Prairie' to get you psyched for fall. From my friend Nicki, one of my photography heroes, whose breathtaking work you can see here.

Ginger cheesecake.

Creating a realistic family budget.

Shopkins. Julia has put in a Christmas request for some. Can someone explain to me what these are and why they're a thing??

If you're crafty, you're going to want in on this party hat action.

Loved every inch of this home tour. 

How cute are these?? Mini muffin pancake bites. 

13 one-pot weeknight meals.

Have you heard about this new Tolkien story??

Gifs that will make you laugh.

Cool Book of the Week: 'The Little Secret' by Kate Saunders. A library find that both Julia and I read, one after the other. She pronounced this 'one of the best books I've EVER read!'. Adored it so much, she put it in my hands and said that I HAD to read it, so I did. And I can see why she loved it so. The plot, about a girl whose mysterious new best friend (is she magical? is she good or evil? is she a fairy or something else??) takes her on a journey into a hidden world, races along full tilt, and while an adult will see what the major plot twists are about from a few paces back, this is Very Thrilling Fare Indeed for the 8-10 year old set.

Have a lovely weekend! My sweeties, I have a way out in left field question - I am determined to win the war against my cats and their cat box. Let's assume I don't have a nice big laundry room in which to put my cat box. Because I don't. Let's assume they are using AN ENTIRE ROOM downstairs as their cat room, instead of me using it as an office. This is 100% true. They are not outdoor, indoor cats. I don't know why I'm saying all this. But I think my question is - is there a litter box out there that well and truly TRAPS the litter inside? Is there? Has anyone ever installed a cat door leading to their garage? Please help me.



  1. Hurray for your Friday post! It has been a long week. I needed a break. And how can I not smile at Laura Ingalls's recipes! Makes me want to go home and cook something right now LOL

    That Scandinavian home is lovely! So beautiful and simplistic! Did I tell you that I bought a Lundby dollhouse? I really need to get the furniture to give it that Scandi feel.

    I am sorry I can't help you with the cats issue though. I don't own any but my sister in law does and I see cat litter on hour floor. I don't know how it can be contained really. Good luck with that and have a great weekend!!!

    1. I don't think I knew about your dollhouse! Or did I? My brain is a wreck. I would love to see a post from you about it sometime in the future! Oh those cats -- the problem is we have no great place to stash our cat box. I don't understand the builders of our house - it's a great place and lots of room - except for the world's smallest laundry room with really no space for a cat box. People should think of these things in home building plans.....:)

  2. OMG Sweden. Serioulsy.

    As for cat litter -- we had two indoor cats forever. We used this:

    And while there was some litter outside the entry way, mostly it was contained. If your cats are huge, you do need a big one!

    And as for LH recipes -- I've only ever made the heartshaped cakes. They are not too sweet and pretty yummy. But now I want to try more and more! But of course it's going to still be HOT for two more months.

    1. Ooooooh thank you for that! Thank you SO much! I think I had seen one similar to that cat box style and wondered about it.

    2. Secretly, I think they like the privacy too! :-)

  3. We have the tiniest spaces for our litter boxes, and our litter doesn't stay very contained. There's so little room to move, and covered boxes take up too much space. When we lived at our old house, though, we put a cat door in the basement door, so they could go downstairs. (We had to keep the door shut to keep the house cool or warm, and to keep crawling Big Sis from taking a tumble.) I LOVED that. It wasn't too hard to install, either.

    I want to make vinegar pie! I think I'll add that to our to-do list.

    My youngest was talking about Shopkins. Because she needs another toy obsession. Sigh. No. BIG SIGH.

    Those party hats are so beautiful. And there's a vegetarian pho recipe on the one pot meals post I need to try.

    Have a beautiful weekend!

    1. Julia was like oh they aren't like Squinkies! (They look JUST like a squinkie type toy and I vowed things like that would never enter the house again)

      Pretty much everyday Andrew and I bemoan the lack of basement in our house. I really don't think the builders of our house had their wits about them AT ALL. Like, there's a shower in our downstairs bathroom, right off the kitchen. WHY???? Why is that needed?? Why didn't they take that bit of square footage and add it to the miniscule laundry room? WHY? I wish I had gone to architect school now. I think too many house are designed by men with no idea of what's truly needed in a home to function well. Vent vent vent......:)

  4. cool stuff indeed. forwarded that little house on the prairie recipe thing to a friend who's daughter is obsessed with that show. isn't that adorable?! mine is obsessed with lego friends. :( she even has a prairie costume.

    1. aw that's so cute! i'd love to watch the show with J, but we don't have cable and how does one go about that? i wonder if it's on Netflix somewhere. I feel like she wouldn't be as into it as I am tho....she'd rather watch Ever After High. :)

  5. The garden is gorgeous, but I really have to thank you for the one pot meals. I nearly melted down last night when these people I live with wanted dinner AGAIN and I was out of ideas. Thankfully, Jeremy went to the store and made pesto (maybe I should cry more often?) but at least I should be able to make it through a wee bit better with this.
    The budget post is something I needed, too. I always get a little crazy around my birthday in summer and then have to re-commit to our shared goals.
    Much love! Back to school we go!

    1. back to school!!! and.....lunch prep. i always start out strong and a measly one week later, I'm out of ideas. You're welcome about the food! also check out Dinner A Love Story's cookbooks - I have the 2nd one. great and easy dinner ideas!