August 28, 2015

cool stuff i like

Happy Friday! This is from our last night in California - a trip we took a couple of weeks ago. Was it really just a couple of weeks ago? Seems like two months ago already. Julia and her pal had a glorious time running around, in their twirly dresses. I am going to miss miss miss my little girl when she goes back to school. I'm going to miss going to the grocery store with my shopping companion (wait, am I??) and stopping for hugs in the milk aisle. But before I cry about it, I'm remembering that I already have TWO pumpkin treat products in my pantry, and that fall/autumn/thebesttimeoftheyear is coming.

I have a lot of number-themed items for you today. Except not every link, because I ran out of number themed links. 

2 million pounds of turkey? Um, that's a lot of turkey.

11 YA novels not just for kids.

10 Festive Fall art projects for kids.

6 tips for cleaning naturally.

10 wall-mounted shelving systems.

Oh Terrain! Oh autumn! I'm dreaming of this cordial, this candle, and this book. (that's 3 items, in case you're now obsessed like I am with whatever I was trying to accomplish with this list.)

Masterpiece Theatre's fall schedule. (we've abandoned the numbers now. carry on.)

Tips for happier weeknight dinners. (no idea how many tips.)

Chalkboard gift wrap.

Why yes. I would indeed like a Through-the-Forest Willow Basket. (just one basket.)

You need this information.

Cool Book of the Week: 'The Water and The Wild' by K.E. Ormsbee and Elsa Mora. Gah, I don't really know quite what to say about this one, except I must have it. I am going to have it. I think a Christmas present for Julia has just presented itself to me. (this IS the year I shop early.) Magic, magic, magic. Alternative world a la Narnia, a mysterious letter writer and wish fulfiller, a little girl trying to save her sick friend, magical beings, an apple tree that somehow is tied to granting birthday wishes....go check out the link to read more about this spectacular-sounding plot! Suggested as an independent reading story for grades 5-7 or earlier as a read-aloud.

Have a lovely weekend! The end of our summer break will be days and days of rain, which is actually quite fine by me. We're finally going to have our blanket-cozy-pile-movie-and-cookie-making-day, which has eluded us all summer long. It's been too dastardly hot this summer for cozy piles and hot cookies. That's right. DASTARDLY.



  1. I approve the word use of dastardly. I shall now use it at least twice tomorrow.

    1. oh ho, so glad you like! It sounds even better if you really hit the stress thusly: DAS-tardly. It's really a great word!

  2. I LOVE THAT PHOTO!! You have to post more about your trip!! How was Universal??

  3. Oh, I've been waiting for our library to get The Water and the Wild! I'm so glad you reminded me of it, because upon checking the library website, a copy finally came in! Hold placed now.

    The list of YA books are hard to disagree with. I love the round-up of fall crafts. I am SO READY FOR FALL! Tonight on Create, Martha Bakes was devoted to pumpkin desserts, and bedtime was put off until even later. (And now it's later still, because I'm finally playing catch-up on blog reading.)

    1. And seriously, that photo looks like it came out of a magazine.

  4. You are going to miss her. She sounds darling.

    I'm bookmarking those fall crafts.

    Speaking of PBS, I need to try Indian Summer.