September 30, 2015

coconut apple pie toddy

My lovelies, I hope you don't think I've abandoned my poor forsaken blog, because I haven't! I'm here. A combination of factors has kept me away - life, Julia starting school, family commitments and photo sessions. But I love my blog so much, it's like my other child, and I will be here when I can!

 I don't consume a ton of dairy - it makes me break out, and I'm always scouting around for fun things that mimic dairy that aren't dairy. But I don't do soy milk, or rice milk. I do almond milk, but then I worry that I'm contributing to California's drought problems, because almonds require so much water and so much is needed to make almond milk!

But I made an interesting drink out of coconut milk. I think it might have been even better using coconut milk from a can - I used coconut milk that comes in a container like almond milk and that's a bit more diluted and has guar gum 'n stuff, which is some kind of thickener. My advice would be to go for real and true coconut milk, and not the low fat kind.

 I happened to have apple pie spice from last year. So I threw that in. You have to use a hefty amount to really be able to taste it - a good half to 1 teaspoon per cup. I tried it with just the spices and the coconut milk. It tasted healthy. I wanted it to taste like a treat. So then a half teaspoon or so of honey went into my warmed up coconut milk and whirled around, and THEN it tasted like a treat.

(*if you don't have apple pie spice, a 1/4 teaspoon EACH of cinnamon and nutmeg will do the trick. maybe more, just start slow and keep adding until you have the right amount of spice.)

It got kind of bubbly and frothy after I stirred it all around - maybe the guar gum makes it that way, ha ha ha? It was a very nice drink! And would also be good with real milk, or almond milk, or whatever kind of milk with which you like to be acquainted.

So make this warming drink, or some incarnation of it, and be happy. I will be wrapping up two big newborn sessions in the next couple of weeks, and I will be here as often as possible! With books, and spooks, and cozy treats.

(*one last note! it suddenly occurred to me while chatting in the comments, that what would really bring this over the top is a drizzle of caramel syrup or sauce, if you happen to have any. Doesn't that sound NICE??)


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    1. you know what I bet would make this AMAZING? a drizzle of caramel syrup. OH YES.

  2. I love your blog so much, too.

    1. LILLA!! Thank you! I appreciate that down to the tips of my toes. That made my day!

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    1. it really doesn't have that much honey - I think this counts as a health benefit recipe that also tastes nice!

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    1. caramel sauce, i'm telling you - that would make this drink a FABULOUS treat! i'm going to try it that way next time I get my hand on some caramels to melt down, ha, or some caramel sauce. the last time I got caramel sauce though - it sat in my fridge because I was too afraid of eating the whole thing and then it sat there for a year and I was very angry with myself, ha ha ha.