September 18, 2015

cool stuff i like

Happy Friday! In a few days, it'll be fall for real, but up above is a last glimpse of our summer trip to California. Julia is knee deep in Halloween costume planning. (No strong contenders at this point.) Nomi the puppy ate something she shouldn't have the other day, and threw up all night, and was shaking like a leaf. My poor puppy! I think she must have felt like, what's happening to me?? But she's all better now and back to chasing the cats all over the house. Not much is going on here of late...I'm trying to organize my life and as usual, am failing miserably. I never got my summer reading list up and at you, but it's more fun to read cozy books in the fall anyway, so I'll be trying to get that post put together.

Online awesome this week:

The 'Jungle Book' movie trailer looks bonkers AMAZING. 

Blueberry biscuits.

Have I already showed you this? Interstellar Cinderella. I think I did, but I saw it again, or was having a conversation with someone about it somewhere else. Anyway, I couldn't recall if I'd shared it here or not. I think I did. I already said that. I need to end this sentence but I don't know how.

A Yoda-inspired birthday.

DIY Lavender smudge bundles.

The Big 5 Fall Books.

I'll take a bowl in each color.

Halloween paper chain kit.

Orchard Apple Crumble and Custard. (I am so loving this blog)

Insanely easy ways to decorate a cake. (Thanks Julia!)

Cool Book of the Week: 'What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night' by Refe and Susan Tuma is hilariously awesome. Julia and I looked all through it during a recent short trip to the book store. The creators have photographed various dino figurines in a variety of poses, wreaking havoc around a home when no one is looking. The Tumas apparently do this for their kids every November - creating scenes of mischief and mayhem depicting what their kids' toys, specifically the plastic dinosaurs, are capable of at night. It's FANTASTIC. Julia was pretty sad not to be bringing this home with us, but she had already just recently bought two books and it wasn't in the cards that day! This would be a fun birthday present or holiday gift that a variety of age ranges would enjoy.

Have a lovely weekend! I ate a pumpkin frozen waffle today with cream cheese and walnuts on it and it was delightful.



  1. Love Farmette and the idea of custard with crisp. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

    1. PS that post on cake decorating is the berries. I put that on on the fb, too! Thanks!

    2. My pal Julia is one of my secret sources - she emails me cool stuff all the time! she's the greatest!

  2. Ha! My Interstellar Cinderella post will be published tomorrow morning! But I had no idea the Dinovember family had a picture book! That's awesome! I so agree with you on the Pioneer Woman bowls. Those Halloween paper chain kits are darling. Cute Yoda birthday. I had over 700 unread blogs in my Bloglovin feed today. I hadn't read a single thing in over a week. I am so sleepy. :)

    1. was it you that I was having the conversation with? i can't remember anything, including when to pick up my daughter on time for things. that was a fun Mom moment the other day.....

  3. Jungle Book? I hadn't heard. Cooool.

    That Cinderella! Love it.

    What a sweet Yoda celebration.

    Those paper chains! I love the moons.

    That cake link is GOLD! So saving it.