September 21, 2015

fall adventure sticks

Hello friends! I mentioned last week on Instagram that Julia had made these adventure stick things. They were such a hit, and she had so much fun with them, that I felt compelled to follow up with a more complete posting. Julia was amusing herself the other day by skimming through Pinterest on my Fun Kid Stuff board and she paused on a nature hunt treasure stick craft, detailed on the Kiwi Crate site. Yes, that might be record amount of links thrown down in a single sentence.

(in other news, we might give Tinker Crate a try! I think it would be a cool holiday gift to sign up for a few months. you get fun experiments and craft boxes mailed to you each month, for 1 month, or 3 or 6 or a year, whatever you like. This isn't a sponsored post, but hey Kiwi Crate! if you want to sponsor us, we'd TOTALLY be into that! oh and i think right now is 25% off the first month with the code SEPFUN.)

Anyway, big thanks to them for the awesome idea, and who knew that twine, sticks, and leaves could yield so much entertainment? Julia and her neighborhood pals spent the entire afternoon 'adventuring', after a few of these sticks were made. I feel like seriously, if all I gave my kiddo this holiday season was a box with a pocket knife, some string, a slingshot, and a compass, she'd be the happiest camper alive. I love this time of her childhood! Everything is one grand adventure, it's the coolest.


  1. We are also thinking of Tinker Crate - I'm pretty sure several of my kids would just love it. Oh, and the jack-knife, string, slingshot idea is spot on. Throw in some wood and a collection of cardboard boxes and you have complete childhood happiness.

    I love that the whole neighborhood got in on Julia's game!

    1. YES! one of of our neighbors has a mini woodshop in their garage, and the neighborhood kids have been having a ball hammering nails, making mini tables out of leftover wood - it's really been glorious for them - I just close my eyes and hope that J comes home with all of her fingers attached....;)

    2. Duck tape! Don't forget to throw in some duck tape -- that may be all that my boys get for Christmas. Creativity for the win!

    3. OH YES. love it. That's a superlative idea, ha!

  2. Replies
    1. STICKS AND TWINE. I really don't know why I buy toys, like, ever.