October 2, 2015

cool stuff i like

Happy Friday! Well it's here. The best time. October is truly one of the best months/times of the year for me. All the cozy. Trying to have a cozy feeling within me is pretty much my great life intention. I found a special treat at a local market last weekend - Seckel pears! Some years I don't find them. Have you ever tried these? They're mini sized pears, (which makes them even more delightful), and they have a special sugary creamy sweetness that just isn't found in any other kind of pear that I've ever tried. And so wee! 3 bites and that's pretty much it. I also found a barrel of 'heirloom' apples at the store that came from Portland, Oregon, and I can't recall what their Very Interesting Names were, they were just gorgeous, see up above - a sort of deep crimson flame red color. Next week I'm going to make a crisp. I realized that I haven't made an apple crisp in a couple of years, I don't think. I've also begun thinking about Christmas presents, because I have been trying to avoid the December meltdown of Must Get It All Done So Fast And I'm Freaking Out. I don't like to freak out, even though I seem to do it with great regularity. Where am I going with all of this. Um, happy October?

A lot of fun things for you this week:

This chicken sammy.

And this chicken cookbook, by one of my favorite cookbook authors. (I have two of her books!)

MORE Harry Potter trivia.

Chocolate studded oatmeal bars.

Keep your eye on Melissa Hogan's artistry (BEE Creative) - she's amazing and will soon be selling her fabulous handcrafted bowls on eBay. And I heard she's working on an adult coloring book!

Check out this elementary school in France!

Already shared this on my personal FB and you all might have seen it already, but THIS article on the one conversation that could save your teen's life is pretty awesome -- Glennon's wisdom just astounds me.

Translating Shakespeare? I'd love to hear about your thoughts on this.

My neighbor is reading this book and says it's FANTASTIC.

Downton Abbey meets Star Wars.

A whole big pile of autumnal treats.

Cool Book of the Week: Our very first foray into All Things Halloween is  'Leo, a Ghost Story' by Mac Barnett and Christian Robinson, a charmer that was just released this past August. SO darling, I happened across it in a local bookstore! Leo, a happy little ghost, is so thrilled when a new family moves into his haunted home. He makes them honey toast and mint tea! He wants to be friends! But alas, the new family is not so enchanted with the idea of a ghost in their home. So Leo decides to explore the world and in so doing, finds a little girl named Jane, who is thrilled to make a new friend. A non-spooky tale for ages 3-5.

Have a lovely first October weekend! Go forth and be cozy!



  1. Oh, I love me some fall! Apples are starting to fall from the trees, I'm doing my best to keep up!

    1. I have the world's longest Halloween paper chain to make this weekend....:)

  2. I'm blogging that book next week! (Cannot pass up Christian Robinson. He's my new favorite.)

    You know, I love Shakespeare in modern English for studying purposes, or for a quick reference while performing Shakespeare. (SparkNotes's Shakespeare Made Easy is fabulous.) Maybe I don't mind the idea of performing them in modern English as an experiment, but I still love the richness of Shakespeare's originals. Doing Hamlet last month reinforced the value of his work for me, big time. So many maxims and phrases still used today came from that play alone.

    Chocolate and oatmeal = one of my favorite combinations ever. That French school is nuts! The "saying no" article is great. Downtown Wars!!! Yay Fall! Yay fall food!

    1. Er, No Fear Shakespeare. Shakespeare Made Easy is a different series. I like No Fear better. ;)

  3. Whoa. Quite the school!

    Oooo I can't wait to see how the Shakespeare translations work out.

    Those pears look gorgeous btw.

    1. they were so delicious! i need to go see if I can scavange up some more....